Less Is More N°144 (Take 2)

Not liking my first effort, I tried another:


The little owl is sitting on a branch, surrounded by silvery stars.


The sentiment is a play on words, as “chouette” means “owl” but it also means “sweet/cuddly/cute”. Sothe basic sense is “You are too cute for words”


In fact, I recently found out that there are two French words for “owl”. This one, chouette, refers to owls without visible ears, such as this beautiful barn owl


or the dinky little owl

Whereas the Scops owl (isn’t he fab?!)

or the Eagle owl:

both of whom have visible ears, are known as “hiboux



6 Responses to “Less Is More N°144 (Take 2)”

  1. LOLI Says:

    Hola Dormouse, fantastic post about ouwls, and perfect card for your post :D, i like your colorfull owl so sweet, well done!
    Hugs from Palma

  2. magsmcc Says:

    C’est bien trop chouette!

  3. Chrissie Says:

    What fun!
    Thanks so much once more
    Less is More

  4. Pauleen Says:

    So very cute!

  5. Skye Says:

    A lovely fun card. Love your cute little owl.

    I enjoyed your post about owls. My favourite is the Tawny Frogmouth, although I don’t think it is, ornithologically speaking, an owl

  6. the crafty laydee Says:

    Gorgeous little Owl-I love owls! For my daughter’s Birthday one year we bought her a morning where she could go and meet all the Owl’s,fly them and feed them-it was magical to see them flying free and then swoop down and land on her well gloved arm 🙂
    Have a lovely day,
    N essa xxx