another quick one

Mags was concerned that every day blogging was becoming a nuisance…it’s not exactly a pain, but days are busy, and in the evening I turn off the pc and chill. Actually “chill” is the right word at the moment. It’s been a cold day all day and it’s already down to -7 degrees at 8.30. Brrrrrr!! I am going to hunt out an extra pair of socks when I’ve finished this – and it’s definitely bedsocks on tonight! We know it’s cold as we’re getting more and more cats in bed  with us. Last night I think we had 3 out of 4 cats at one point!

I do intend to answer questions. posed in commentz, but I’m afraid it will have to wait till Fridays at the earliest, but probably Saturday


We have watched the last series of Doctor Who during this week – recorded – as we have no tv…the satellite dish is still up to its ears in snow and so is receiving no signals. We do have on demand, through the computer, and thanks to Mr D being techno brilliant, so we’ll be watching the Doctor Who anniversary special very soon, on the iPlayer.

Anyway, there’s not much else to say now. So, I  have managed to post but it’s not very interesting. I was in Roanne today, teaching face to face. I had time to pop to Decathlon and buy some snow boots. The ones I have have lost their grip and are very slippy.Not what you want on the snow. So now, with my lovely new boots I’m set for the next load of the white stuff…they’re prettier than my old  pair, too, with lovely furry lining. I like my new snow boots. Happy dance!

Lots of teaching tomorrow, too, but I will try to post something early in the morning, before lessons start. And I hope it might be a bit more inspiring than this woffle!! Sleep tight, dear friends. I’m off to find those socks ( bright pink, they are!)




2 Responses to “another quick one”

  1. magsmcc Says:

    I am wondering if you’ll have a white Noel. Deliberately trying to word in non-questions! We went Christmas jumper shopping today. Both boys found ones to their liking, including Mattman who has suddenly become too cool for yule. At least for yule garb! Hope that doesn’t last as we’re very positive about Christmas here! And snow. And boots. And bedsocks. The wearing of bedsocks is not restricted to the depths of winter here in the often frozen North!!

  2. Angela Almond Says:

    Reading your post, I realise I have NEVER had a proper pair of snow boots.

    But I do admit to bedsocks. My current ones are a very stretchy pair of Virgin Airlines Freebies from 2004. They are bright yellow and very unglamorous. But I have found that I sleep better with warm feet!! Confession – when I stayed with Mags in November I forgot them. I slept in my regular socks, and woke with elastic marks round my ankles.

    Maybe I should put snowboots and new bedsocks on my Christmas list.

    WARMEST blessings xx