Summing It All Up

The wibsite is behaving itself today, so I shall post my last Blog Every Day In November post here.

How has it been? As a comment to one of my very rushed posts, Mags asked:  I am sorry if this daily blogging is a pain?

No, it’s not been a pain; in fact, it has been the opposite. I have enjoyed (generally) carving out a few minutes (or half an hour) to post, on days when I wouldn’t usually do so. A few days last week were difficult, as I had lots of work, not much time and a disinclination to go into the cold study in the evening, when it is much nicer to stay warm (-ish – our granule burner isn’t working at the moment) in the sitting room.


I fear though that my posts haven’t been very exciting, unlike Ang who manages to come up with something worth reading every day as a matter of course, and Kezzie who I didn’t know, but who I’m delighted to meet,  but I really like Mags’ (again!) picture:

It’s like walking along a path together, talking about everything and nothing. So companionly. Walking towards Christmas together, like pilgrims on the road to Bethlehem.

When we meet with friends we do chat about everything and nothing; sometimes the conversations are serious, and thoughtful, sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’re just about every day happenings. And that’s what I’m taking away from this BEDIN “event” – I don’t know how many people have visited and read my offerings, but I have shared with them a bit of my life here.  I have enjoyed people’s comments – thanks particularly to Pompom and Mags who have commented faithfully on practically every post (even when there’s not been much to comment on!)  – and I hope people have enjoyed popping in to see what I’ve been up to. I have enjoyed visiting other bloggers too, even when I’ve not commented, and finding out more about their lives.


I don’t think I will carry on blogging every day – during the week it can be difficult to find the time – but I am joining in with Floss’s Pause in AdventPause in Advent Logo

I have decided my theme too – as Advent Sunday is tomorrow, I will unveil it then. Goodness me, does that really mean that there’s only 4 Sundays until Christmas!? That’s hard to credit. I feel all at once both very organised (most presents bought, wrapped and taken to the UK to be posted by Cathy) and very disorganised (other last difficult gifts to buy and send, Secret Santas to pull together, no cards written, and Stuff to think about.) But I hope that the Pauses will help me, at least once a week, to focus on the other things that matter.


Like Mags and her family, I will be reading (if I can find my copy!) The Christmas Mystery

A wonderful Advent Calendar of a book!


Thank you for being my companion on this part of the pilgrimage to Bethlehem and the child lying in a manger. I look forward to chatting with you again…




3 Responses to “Summing It All Up”

  1. magsmcc Says:

    Oh Dormouse, thank you so much for being game enough for November. I have loved each and every one of your posts- maybe especially the fraught and busy ones. It’s so comforting to know that everyone rushes and pushes and bumps along! I am so glad to have been walking with you this month- see you tomorrow xx I too even have an idea!

  2. Pom Pom Says:

    It has been fun, I quite agree!
    I like Pause very much and I’m glad you’re participating, too.

  3. Kim Says:

    That’s some achievement Dormouse, to blog every day for a month, I don’t think I’d have such staying power……well done. I shall look forward to your Pause for Advent posts.