Wot you said, over ‘ere

I’ve already managed to address people’s comments over at Fat Dormouse, but I’d like to address some of your lovely comments here too.

So: Pompom, Elizabeth and Mags commented on my Pause in Advent post – Mags enjoying sitting with the animals, and remembering again that God accepts us and uses us just as we are, Pompom contemplating our need to learn to love, and Elizabeth appreciating the simplicity and message of “Eddi’s Service” Although, on the face of it, it is a fairly dum-de-dum poem, I find there is something that lingers in the memory.

It’s funny how blogging every day in November took hold of me – I was determined to do it, but as I said on “Summing it up” I did feel rather banal at times. Kim thought it was an achievement – I’m not sure it ranks that highly, Kim, but still…! I hope you enjoy my Pause in Advent too. Faithful Mags & Pmpom told me how much they appreciated my posts; well, I certainly appreciated their comments!


My new snow boots post rang a bell – Angela contemplating her lack of snowboots, & both she and Mags agreeing that in the depths of winter bedsocks are a necessity. I would definitely sign up to that! If I have cold feet I can’t sleep, and I am more prone to cramp. I have a wide choice of bedsocks!


Mags told me about her love for Murder Mysteries.  I belonged to a theatre company (The Really Horrid Production company) who acted out (and involved the audience!) in Murder Mysteriers in restaurants around Milton Keynes. I loved it because (a) it was acting/ improvisation (b) we got paid (c) I didn’t need to learn lines (d) we got given food. What’s not to like?!


Mary Katherine & Mags commented on my exploding tin of condensed milk story – Mr D certainly wasn’t amused. And we are still finding blobs of toffee sauce in odd places! The latest was on November’s page of the kitchen calendar – only discovered as our fingers stuck to the page as we turned to December! I think Mags’ suggestion of the patisserie for next time is a good one – I went to a very posh patissier yesterday. The cakes were NOT cheap, but they were absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s the display of cakes


Here’s the shop

Mags & Pompom commented on the photos of my walk with Cathy…Mags even made the tiniest suggestion that she’d like to be there in person. Well, let me say here, Mags, we’d love to welcome you here!  Blogging really has made me feel that I am friends with people I’ve never met – and then when I do meet them, I discover that they are even nicer that I imagined them to be!

So, there we have it. Some of my comments on your comments.

How true that is! Forgive me for not being as faithful in MY commenting.

3 Responses to “Wot you said, over ‘ere”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I have NEVER seen a patisserie, at least not anything like that one! Probably a good thing, as I would be oh, so tempted.

  2. magsmcc Says:

    We’ve had two blogging “friends” come to stay here, and Ang came back a second time with her husband! It is a fabulous miracle to meet folk of whom you would never even have heard. To have them join you in your walk, especially in a little daily walk, however brief, is a special privilege indeed! If I come we must spend money in many posh patisseries!

  3. mary kathryn Says:

    OH, for some reason, “cakes” just isn’t impressive enough to call those delicacies in that glass case. Ahhh. So pretty! I’d adore sitting in there for a quiet, warm hour, nibbling away. Mags, if you read this … check out some Southern Sisters Mysteries by Anne George. I recall enjoying them very much. “Murder on a Bad Hair Day” stands out as a choice title 🙂