A breath of Christmas air.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. Ours was very quiet, but enjoyable, spent together, enjoying good food, each others’ company and some radio listening and some TV watching. I meant to go for a walk but never quite managed it!!


My planned Christmas Eve post of an extra poem was published, but not here, as the Wibsite was being uncooperative. I posted it on my other blog, so if you didn’t find it, you might want to go over to Fat Dormouse to read Dorothy Parker’s beautiful poem “Praer for a New Mother”. I think it is so sad, and thought provoking, and catches the haunting beauty mingled with fear that I’m sure would have been in Mary’s heart throughout her life as the mother of the God-become-man who was Jesus.


So, for a breath of Christmas air, here is a photo of the Santon collection of a friend of mine:


Every year we send them a new Santon. As thery have all the main cast – Holy Family, Shepherds, Kings – I’ve been sending animals (you can see this year’s sheep and cat combo in the photo) but I think that next year I will start to add the more traditional Provencal figures to the mix. The photo was taken before Christmas Day, so the Christ child has not yet arrived.



Our Festive cheer continues with a lunch with Monique & Michel across the square, and then evening drinks-and-nibbles with friends up the hill. I have a haunch of wild boar marinading for another festive lunch on Saturday…And I wonder why the doctor tells me I have to lose weight?! (Actually, I don’t wonder at all – but that’s to be considered another time!!)




And finally, for a little bit of Christmas romance, you need to pop over to read Kezzie’s blog. 

Just married, her Honey is giving her 12 Christmas gifts…yesterday was a partridge and a pear tree (ready-to-cook & ready-to-plant). Today has been a Christmas decoration in the form of two turtle doves… I can’t wait to see how he interprets the rest of the song. I think it is just wonderful and romantic and lovely!

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  1. Anna Says:

    Happy Holidays, Alison! Wishing you all the best for the New Year!