It’s beginning to feel a bit like…

…back to normal, again!


This is a funny time of year, between Christmas and 31st…It seems almost like a week of Sundays, and I get a bit confused about what day it is. All the hype and excitement about Christmas is over, and as we don’t really celebrate New Year, we are almost back to normal. There are a few bits and bobs to use up – some escargot vol-au-vents in the freezer, a packet of smoked salmon, the end of the Christmas cake, a small box of luxury biscuits, half a box of chockies – but mostly we’re done. I may buy something special for tomorrow night – maybe a nice piece of steak – but otherwise 31st will be like most other days/nights.

Perhaps I should do a retrospective of last year, as some bloggers do; perhaps I should look forward to 2014, as Ange from my Opening Doors weekend is encouraging us to do – choose a word ! make a promise to yourself! define your goals! I get a bit squirmy when asked to do things like this, but maybe I’ll try to do it tomorrow. Ange pointed us towards something developed by Susannah Conway, called “Unravelling the Year Ahead” which is a guided workbook-type-thing which focusses your thoughts on the year ahead…When considering doing it I felt rather apprehensive: all a bit touchy-feely, too “egotistic”, perhaps? I can’t really define how I feel about it, but I think “reluctant” is certainly one word I’d use. I wonder why?!


Anyhow, today I wrote a sermon – the first for a good few years! – and went for a walk. It was a good walk: I had to force myself a little, but once I was out in the fresh air it was good. I didn’t see much of the scenery around me as I always have to watch where I’m putting my feet, but when I paused to puff it was good. There were a lot of trees obviously uprooted by the wind, so I had to do quite a bit of scrambling over tree trunks, pushing my way through branches, or diverting myself around root balls. I’m glad I went.


For dinner I’m going to make a pie with the last few bits of wild boar, plus mushrooms and onions. Not much meat, I fear, but hopefully tasty all the same. I thought I had a pork steak in the freezer that I could add to the mix, but it appears I was mistaken. Never mind – a bit of meat and lots of veggies – nothing wrong with that!




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  1. Greenpatches Says:

    Yes, you’re right – this part of the holidays does have a Sunday feel to it, doesn’t it? Glad you enjoyed the walk. Haven’t looked at your Unravelry link yet so can’t comment but am thinking about doing the Small Stones mindfulness writing exercise through January myself – only thinking, mind. 🙂