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I wanted to post something here on The Teapot, but didn’t really know what to write about. Browsing various blogs I came across The Adventures of Fi, where she had written under various headings, just chatting about her every day life; so I have stolen her idea, adding a few headings of my own, and I hope you’ll find it interesting.

READING: I’ve just started reading “Heresy” by S.J.Parris. After a couple of “meh” novels that were screamingly predictable and not-at-all gripping, it’s good to get back to reading something with a bit more meat to it.

I’m not far into it, but it certainly has potential to draw me in. The blurb on Amazon reads:

When fugitive Italian monk Giordano Bruno—philosopher, magician, and heretical scientist—arrives in London, he’s only one step ahead of the Inquisition. An undercover mission for Queen Elizabeth I and her spymaster provides added protection. Officially, Bruno is to take part in a debate on the Copernican theory of the universe at Oxford University; unofficially, he is to find out whatever he can about a Catholic plot to overthrow the queen. But when his mission is dramatically thrown off course by a series of grisly deaths and the charms of a mysterious but beautiful young woman, he realizes that somewhere within Oxford’s private chambers lurks a brutal killer. . .

Before the two nondescript novels, I read “Moses in Chains” by Nikki Fine

This was an interesting book, not just for the subject matter, but because it was written by an ex-colleague of mine! Good writing, with an interesting story, I found it a tad too long, but enjoyable nontheless.

What would it be like to work for a genius? A grumpy, elderly genius who is writing his memoirs? Antonio Francese is a servant to the ageing Michelangelo, who has decided to write about the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. But does his master always tell the truth? And can Antonio have a life of his own at the same time?

WATCHING: We’re not watching much of note at the moment, but Mr D recorded the new Belgian thriller “Salamander” on BBC 4 yesterday. I’m hoping this might plug the gap left by the all-too-short series of “Sherlock”. We certainly haven’t found that “The Musketeers” has cut it, despite the presence of a leather clad Peter Capaldi, and several dashing young bloods.

EATING: For details on that, you can go over to Fat Dormouse, but suffice to say, I’m really looking forward to wild boar in Cèpes sauce tonight!

NOT ENJOYING: a low level headache, slight dizziness, cold feet, and a slightly wierd general-feeling-of-malaise.

LOVING: Actually, just-finished-loving a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. One of my colleagues brought it back from the UK, and Mr D & I have been rationed to one segment each an evening (and none at all on fast days)

It’s something else to add to the list of things to bring back from the UK when we go!

LISTENING TO: Nothing at the moment, as I don’t generally listen to music while at my desk. Yesterday though I was working on a Zentangle card for a friend’s birthday, and listened to a Clifford T Ward album. Wonderful, gentle music, which often makes me cry. Here is a link to a YouTube video of his lovely “Home Thoughts from Abroad”

SPENDING MONEY ON: Food. That’s about it. And the car – petrol, motorway tolls, and it needs a service. I am buying a bit of wool too, but only reduced, to continue to knit blankets for the Spanish Stray Cats.

MISSING: My friend Cathy, who is over in the UK. She has a house here (that’s she trying to sell. Anyone interested?!) and is often over for 6 months of the year – because she’s on holiday (or at least, not working) it means we see each other for aperos, walks and chats most days. It’s harder catching up with other friends who have jobs and families, and wierd working hours. Because she’s due to become a granny in June she may not come out this year…

STRESSING OUT ABOUT: Nothing. Generally I don’t stress about big things – though Mr D might beg to differ!! I get stressy if I think I’m going to be late, or I can’t park the car, but not other stuff.

WEARING: Matalan olive green jumper, (bought a couple of winters ago), spotty shirt (from Carrefour, last year), denim skirt (Lands End, bought at least 10 years ago) and my Doctor Who scarf, knitted by my MiL for my Christmas present

Due to the aforementioned cold feet, I’m also wearing bright pink fluffy socks and my sheepskin slippers, and cuddling a hot water bottle!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Tomorrow’s teaching, a chat with Cathy on Tuesday, wild boar tonight, and Life in General. We’re going to the UK in April to an Elbow concert at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, and I’m back teaching at Downe House in the summer…it’s not been officially confirmed, but it has been a-bit-more-than-casually mentioned to me! I’m a contented bunny.



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