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Saturday, September 14th, 2013


So true!!

Cats Need You!!

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

I  am posting a cry for help – I don’t know if anyone who reads this can help, but if not, maybe you can pass the link on:

Hi everyone, we need your help! Sadly we are just not getting any interest in rehoming our cats and kittens despite all our pleas; this weekend can you copy paste our link to all your friends? The pound we support will soon be forced to put cats to sleep in the very near future due to numbers and yet we have worked hard to rescue them, get them better and vaccinate/neuter etc. We do need your help, please copy the Spanish Stray Cats link rather than just like, it has much more impact. Thanks all Xxxxx

catThis is one of the beautiful cats who are desperately in need of a home


Note: There is sponsorship to rehome the cats in the UK too.

cat z

Olly, Osso and Fred. Fred and Osso in foster homes running out end of Sept, can’t send them back to shelter and Olly a lovebug never even got a foster. Fred and Osso part sponsored for UK transport (or elsewhere) Olly we would try to fundraise if an offer come forward. All young boys, ex pets, dealt bad cards in life so far. Vaccinated, chipped neutered. Were cute kittens once too! Still cute just bigger!


Can anyone help?

A bit of this and a bit of that…

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Hello Peeps!

Today is St George’s Day – perhaps we should have hung out English Cross of St George flag out of the window! Mr FD sometimes wears a red rose on St George’s Day, but this year he’s not left the house, so had no cause to do so.

But today is also the Very Bad Kittens’ birthday! Happy Birthday, George and Millie! Happy (nominal) Birthday Pomme and Bib! We don’t know when Pomme & Bib were born, but round about now would be a good guess for Bib, and Pomme – well, we have no idea! Perhaps we should have a Happy Adoption Day for Bib – she joined the Dormousehold on 1st June 2013, aged about 5-6 weeks.

We bought cakes to celebrate:

and I’ll go to ShCarrefour later on and buy some yummy cat food for the Cats. I have to buy the ingredients for my cheesecake tomorrow, so I’ll indulge the cats a little as well! Here are pictures (already seen, I know!) of our dear kitties:



I am happy too because I have won a Giveaway. Yay! Ellie over at Silver Scrapper’s Craft Space picked me out of the hat to win a book about crafting ATCs. As I’m trying to create one ATC a month (I’ve made – but not shown – March’s, and still have April’s to do! Maybe tomorrow!) this will give me some inspiration (I hope!)

ATCs 1

The weather has been completely mad recently. Last week was gorgeous, with the thermometer hitting about 26° down in Roanne, then this weekend it was snowing again! Poor Mr D went out with the combined forces of St Just and St Germain Laval Cycle Clubs to do a day’s ride in the Lyonnaise mountains. They didn’t actually do any riding! They holed up for the morning in a Mairie in a small village where our friend Louis’ father was a BigWig, so Louis has some sway in the area. Mr D said he spent the morning failing to understand the rules of Belote. Cathy & I met them (together with other non-cycling members of the club) at a restaurant at the Col de Pavillon

for a set menu meal of salad, chicken in pepper sauce, with pasta & ratatouille, and then chocolate-and-raspberry-mousse-cake. It didn’t stop raining all day, and at some moments, the rain was horizontal, such was the force of the wind. And there was definitely some sleet mixed in!

Despite that, Mr D was (in his words) “vaguely tempted” to ride. But he didn’t!

Not too many lessons today – two cancellations, due to holidays & strikes – and none tomorrow. A bit of a break. Huzzah (not working)! Boo (not earning)! Film night tomorrow up at Cathy’s – I’m taking cheesecake (of the white chocolate and ginger variety) so I’d better trot on down to ShCarrefour to buy the ingredients. And the Sheba!

I had a brilliant idea for a blogpost..

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

…but I’ve forgotten what it was!

I’ve had a practically all-but-wasted weekend as I “did” my back in, awkwardly getting up to answer the phone yesterday morning. Which was annoying, as it was my student phoning to cancel his lesson! I could have done lots of extra crafting – but instead I was limited to sitting in a chair whimpering to myself. Today it’s better, but my movement is still very stiff and I am only able to walk gingerly, moving from holding onto chairs to bookcase to whatever I can grab!

I have to go to work tomorrow as I’m starting a new contract (back with my old company, but this time working as auto entrepreneur) 3 hours a week is not to be sniffed at. Together with another 1 hour from the phone lesson company, I’m probably earning as much as I was before I was made unemployed – and without having to travel to Clermont 4 days a week (which probably cost an average of about 15 – 20€ a day, counting petrol, motorway tolls and wear-&-tear on the car)  But, as tomorrow is the first lesson I don’t really want to have to cry off because of my back. I’ve been taking Volterol painkillers (lovely strong ones left over from my sciatic incident) and Paracetemol, but I’m down to my last ones, with not much time to go to the doctors tomorrow. Let’s hope for miraculous recoveries!


Here’s a picture of Bib up on the beams in MrD’s study. She’s about 8 or 9 months old now and is quite a character! Millie terrorises her quite a lot, chasing her at least once a day, usually into our bedroom, where Bib will hide behind the bed, making quite a lot of noise, hissing and growling. If Millie catches her then there is a spat.

When Bib is totally relaxed, she’ll curl up purring loudly and sucking the end of her tail – you can see it looks a bit thinner at the end than the rest of it. We suspect this is a comfort thing – like babies sucking their thumb or a dummy – because she lost her mum at an early age. Sometimes she’ll sneak under the duvet at night, and we wake to feel a disgustingly soppy tail trailing over us. Which is a bit yucky, even though she is delightfully sweet when she’s doing her sucky/purry thing.

We sometimes call her “squeaky toy” as she often makes little squeaks and chirrups as she moves, like a squeaky bouncy ball. When I was taking the photo, she was trotting along the beam, chirruping and squeaking as if talking to me, and earlier today she was playing with flat-mouse (one of her toys) and pouncing on it, all the time making these funny little sounds. She used to have a toy-basket with all her toys in it, so she could go and choose what she wanted to play with, but sadly she disgraced herself by peeing in it, so we had to take it away. Now they’re kept in a bag, which isn’t so convenient for her, as we choose the toys for her; she doesn’t always approve of our choice! But she found flat-mouse somewhere other than the bag, so she’s happy at the moment.

Pause in Lent post may happen tomorrow, but I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment.


Internet down!

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

This morning, for some reason best known to itself, my computer dongle wasn’t picking up the WiFi signal. So I had to find other things to do rather than spend vast amounts of time reading blogs, the Ship etc.

So I planned all next week’s lessons, wrote loads of emails (to send when the internet connection was back up), wrote a letter to my mum, sorted out some overdue paperwork, and did a bit of job research. I made a delicious Chorizo and vegetable clafoutis for lunch, and cleared the kitchen.

Then Mr D came home from work. We had lunch, and I swear that the computer knows when its Master is in the house, as I tried (for the umpteenth time) to connect to the internet, and, why lookee here, I’m connected! So I immediately spend the rest of the afternoon wasting time reading blogs, the Ship etc. And fighting off Bib-the-evil-kitten, and (let’s be fair) applying for a job (or rather, asking a company if they have any jobs.)

I really think I should stop turning on the computer as a matter of course in the morning. I find all those lovely, interesting bookmarked blogs too irresistable! I might find I get other things done if I leave the screen blank!

Oh well. Thanks to my IT technician: Mr D, psychically mending computers since 2005

Here’s a photo of Bib when she was tiny, so everone can go “Aaaaaah!”

“My cat’s breath…

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

…smells of cat food” So says Ralph Wiggum on The Simpsons.

Today, I feel like I smell of cat litter!!!

  • I’ve gone over to Agri Sud Est and bought 30litres of litter (I took my suitcase on wheels to carry it back! I must have looked a bit of a twerp!)
  • I have emptied, cleaned and refilled five litter trays (FIVE! And still the little b@*µ%^# pooh on the cellar floor!),
  • I’ve washed the toilet floor where one little darling decided to pee out of the tray,
  • I’ve disinfected and washed the bin in which a binbag full of cat litter had spilt and emptied,
  • I’ve taken two binbags full of litter over to the big communal bin, rather than put them in our bin (where they split!)
  • and I’ve vacuumed the floor where one of the bags I was taking to the bin split and left a trail of litter!

(not one of our cats)

Quite frankly I think I’ve done with cat litter for today!!! I’m going to have a shower and get changed, because even if I really don’t smell of cat litter (and all the other odours attached to litter!) I feel as though I do!!

with five litter trays to change…Yes, I DID have to get the cheap litter!!!

What’s New Pussycat (Take 2)!

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Well, what’s new is a Pussycat!

We have a new arrival at Dormouse Towers. Meet teeny tiny Bib

I work at a Michelin site where there are several feral cats. Bib had been abandoned by her mother, and when I saw her, she was trying to feed from another female cat, who kept batting her away.

“It’s a shame”, said Emilie, one of the girls on reception. “It’s going to die of starvation…”

Well, I couldn’t let that happen, could I?! I phoned Mr D to see what he’d say to the idea of me bringing an abandoned kitten home, and honestly, if he’d put his foot down with a firm hand, I’d’ve taken her to the SPA. But he didn’t. So I  took her home instead. She was checked out by the vet and tested for cat HIV and leukaemia: all OK. The vet said she was in good health and so she came home. We think, from her developmental signs, that she’s 4 or 5 weeks old, although she probably weighs about as much as a 3 week old. She is one feisty kitten, and dosn’t seem afraid of anything!

I have just spent an hour-and-a-half with her either curled up under my chin, or stretched out along my arm with her nose buried in my armpit! I think I may be becoming surrogate mum! (Huzzah!)

The VBK and Pomme are a bit dubious. We’re keeping Bib (short for Bibendum – the French name for the Michelin Man!!) in the living room/ dining room at the moment. When we’re there, the door is open (but blocked with a box) so the Cats can jump in if they wish, but Bib can’t get out. So far, Pomme and George have come in and been nose-to-nose with Bib; they hissed and growled but there was no real aggression. Millie has been too frightened to come anywhere near the living room at the moment!!!

Not such a good shot (Mr D took the first one) but you can see her exploring! She tends to chase my feet though which can be a tad dangerous.

Other news: We’re bunted the house yesterday, in preparation for our Jubilee lunch:

It has got a bit wet today though! As it’s made from card, I hope it survives the rain!

Our Jubilee lunch was only with Gilles, who is a great Anglophile. We never quite got our plans for drinks for lots of people off the ground, but never mind!

Right! I’m off back downstairs to cuddle Bib and watch the Jubilee Flotilla on TV. I’m sorry I missed out on last week’s Finding Fun – I had very good intentions, but suddenly life got busy, and I was teaching very early in the morning, and falling asleep when I got home! I will try to join in this week – although I have the same work pattern, so I may not manage it!

I leave you with another picture of Bib. Don’t look too hard at the porky lap that she’s resting on!

Various photos

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

First of all, let me share a picture of the birthday card I’ve made for Gilles’ birthday (see earlier post) (Click on it for a better view – my photos aren’t very good, I’m afraid!) It says “Being one year older, Gilles needed a little more help to reach the top of Mont Ventoux”. To explain, he climbed Mont Ventoux (by bike) last year, and plans on doing the same this year – only three times! –  so I thought he might need some mountain goats to help him! (I’ve just thought, a better caption might have been “By the time he was climbing Mont Ventoux for the third time, Gilles needed a little help” Oh well, too late now!

Other photos are from when Mum was here.

This is the Puy de Dome, which we were unable to ascend as they are building a railway to the summit at the moment. It should be ready for Summer 2012.

But we did climb the Puy de Pariou (as you can see, the weather was, er, a little bracing, to say the least!!!) I forget my mum is 83 next month! She was quicker than me getting up there!

We visited the picturesque village of St Jean-St Maurice, not far from here, which is on one of the routes through Le Puy En Velay to the pilgrim trail to Santiago de CompostelaHere’s a view of the tower, from which I took the previous picture, and here’s some of the stained glass in the church(sorry the photos are so rubbish!)And here’s a picture of Pomme. We were having dinner, the night mum arrived, and Pomme was quietly sitting on the chair while we ate. After the meal we sat chatting, and suddenly Pomme hopped onto the table, into the (empty) bread basket and settled down!!! Not to be outdone, when we carried Pomme (+ basket!) into the living room, George decided he wanted a piece of the Basket Action

Don’t worry, we washed and Anti-Bac-Sprayed the basket before using it again!

Those Bad, Bad Kittens!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Two Very Bad Kitten tales today.

1) Mr D got home from skiing with friends yesterday, just as I got home from work. He went upsatairs.

“What have you done with my bedside rug?” he yelled to me.

“Nothing. Why?”

“Where is it then?!”

Sure enough the bedside rug had completely disappeared. We groped under the bed (there’s a gap of approximately 5cm from floor to bottom of the bed. ) but no sign of it. We considered a very discerning burglar (?), we wondered if the VBK had somehow dragged it downstairs to the cellar. We had no idea what had happened.

Here you can see a similar bed to ours.                     Finally, Mr D took out the drawer that is under the mattress, and lo! Somehow the VBK had folded the rug up enough to drag it under the bed – note the fact that there are “feet” midway along the side of the bed, so they had to somehow manouvre the rug past them too! We still don’t know whether it was a game, or whether the rug had got caught in claws, but as Millie has learned how to open the drawers, I guess she was under-and-inside the bed, and George was outside, and as they played patapaw with each other the rug got dragged under.

But you should have seen us, scratching our heads, totally mystified about where the rug had gone!

2) As just mentioned, Millie has learned how to open the drawers, and so, on cold nights, will open the drawer, hop in, and nestle among the cycling clothes that we keep there, or, if she fancies a change, she goes under-and-inside the bed to the other drawer, where we keep our tatty DIY/painting clothes. She drives Mr D wild with tiny scratchy noises in the middle of the night, while I snore my way, undisturbed, through till morning.

Now, we are not saying that what happened next was deliberate, but I have my suspicions… Yesterday evening, at bedtime, we couldn’t find Pomme. We went all around, calling “Pomme! Pomme!” No sign of her. Finally, Mr D heard a plaintive little mew coming from under the bed: somehow she’d got trapped under-and-inside the bed. I can’t help but imagine the two Very Bad Kittens ganging up on Pomme: Millie opening the drawer, George luring Pomme into it, and then the two of them leaping out and slamming the drawer shut, with Pomme inside!

Perhaps they should be renamed the Evil Kittens!

Tee-hee, again!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We were woken this morning by a scratchy, rustly sound. Scratch, rustle-rustle, scratch. Sleepily I put on the light: Millie looked up guiltily from the shiny silver paper she’d fished out of the wastepaper bin, and was chasing around the bedroom.

“Bloody cats”, I murmured, and turned the light out.

“Earlier I heard a small clinking, rustling sound and went to investigate,” Mr D remarked as I drifted back to sleep. “It was George…He’d found your crochet bag and was running off with it!”


( see here for further misdemeanors on the part of George and my crochet!)

Here is George-the-Kitten, at the tender age of 22 days (aaah! Isn’t he cute!?) Would you ever have guessed he would have turned out to be such a junior delinquent? If there were such things, he’d surely have a cat ASBO by now. (A CASBO, one assumes.)

And here’s Millie, at the same age. By then, George had been named, as we had chosen him soon after his birth; however, we didn’t know that we were going to end up with Millie – at that time, she was destined to go to another home. But a couple of weeks later, the person decided they didn’t want a tabby cat, so Beautiful Millie was threatened with “The Bucket”. Look at her – could you have let that happen? Of course not. We had to have her. And so she was named Mildred.  “George and Mildred” was a TV series in thelate seventies, so it seemed appropriate that George’s sister became known as Mildred.

Here are Yootha Joyce & Brian Murphy in the title roles. Frankly I think our George and Mildred are much more attractive!

Don’t forget to enter my 200-post giveaway! Further details can be found here. I still haven’t charged up my camera batteries – it’s happening as I type – so I can’t post a picture of the magazine from 1924 that I’m offering as part of the giveaway. Hopefully I’ll remember to do it tomorrow.

And I was honoured to be mentioned in Kari’s summary of the Impossibilities Challenge. Pooh Bear got his photo featured too – only right for a monk-turned-top-model!!! It was fun trying…and I will get back to trying to crochet, some time (when I’ll probably find I’ve forgotten what to do!)