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Goodness me!

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I’ve got MORE work! The company I had an interview with a few weeks back phoned last week and asked if I was interested in telephone lessons. Yes please! So I’ve got 3 hours a week with them, and that, I’m guessing, might rise if they’re happy with what I do. They’re paying me 6€ an hour more than the other company too, so I hope I get more work with them!

I’ve also got another 30 minutes a week with the first company, taking me up to 22 hours a week WHEN everyone is having lessons, although there’s one guy who does a lot of travelling, and so isn’t around very often. But when he is he has 2 hours a week. I’ve also got a couple of 7-hour days booked with ILS, my old company, for whom I’m already doing 3 hours a week. So generally, we’re doing OK.

MrD has applied for a few jobs too, and is waiting to hear from them. Fingers crossed we may be a fully employed family again soon.

It does mean I need to be very disciplined in keeping my lesson preparation up-to-date (although it’s easier to blag a phone lesson for half an hour than a 2-hour face-to-face lesson!) and I am going to have to timetable in some exercise on the days I’m at home, even if it’s a quick 30 minute walk around the village.  Otherwise I could find myself glued to my chair all day. I’ve been sitting on my fat a*se without doing anything for too long – although, to be fair, the last couple of weeks were because I couldn’t do anything with my back problems.

Oh, I haven’t told you how these nigh-on-miraculously disappeared! Last Monday I was in a great deal of pain; I managed to drive to Clermont for my lesson, I managed to teach and to be taught (French lesson), but by hometime, I could hardly lift my feet to walk, so was almost shuffling. I reached home and was practically weeping with pain, as I’d run out of major painkillers and was existing on paracetemol and ibuprofen. I went to bed fairly early, and went to sleep, waking from time to time to shift position. On Tuesday morning I woke up, got carefully out of bed and realised I was painfree. Absolutely pain free. A little stiff, but no pain.  I still can’t quite believe it, how comprehensively I was healed, but I was. So (no excuses) I really do need to keep this back moving.

That’s not me. I don’t think I could jump that high!

I had a brilliant idea for a blogpost..

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

…but I’ve forgotten what it was!

I’ve had a practically all-but-wasted weekend as I “did” my back in, awkwardly getting up to answer the phone yesterday morning. Which was annoying, as it was my student phoning to cancel his lesson! I could have done lots of extra crafting – but instead I was limited to sitting in a chair whimpering to myself. Today it’s better, but my movement is still very stiff and I am only able to walk gingerly, moving from holding onto chairs to bookcase to whatever I can grab!

I have to go to work tomorrow as I’m starting a new contract (back with my old company, but this time working as auto entrepreneur) 3 hours a week is not to be sniffed at. Together with another 1 hour from the phone lesson company, I’m probably earning as much as I was before I was made unemployed – and without having to travel to Clermont 4 days a week (which probably cost an average of about 15 – 20€ a day, counting petrol, motorway tolls and wear-&-tear on the car)  But, as tomorrow is the first lesson I don’t really want to have to cry off because of my back. I’ve been taking Volterol painkillers (lovely strong ones left over from my sciatic incident) and Paracetemol, but I’m down to my last ones, with not much time to go to the doctors tomorrow. Let’s hope for miraculous recoveries!


Here’s a picture of Bib up on the beams in MrD’s study. She’s about 8 or 9 months old now and is quite a character! Millie terrorises her quite a lot, chasing her at least once a day, usually into our bedroom, where Bib will hide behind the bed, making quite a lot of noise, hissing and growling. If Millie catches her then there is a spat.

When Bib is totally relaxed, she’ll curl up purring loudly and sucking the end of her tail – you can see it looks a bit thinner at the end than the rest of it. We suspect this is a comfort thing – like babies sucking their thumb or a dummy – because she lost her mum at an early age. Sometimes she’ll sneak under the duvet at night, and we wake to feel a disgustingly soppy tail trailing over us. Which is a bit yucky, even though she is delightfully sweet when she’s doing her sucky/purry thing.

We sometimes call her “squeaky toy” as she often makes little squeaks and chirrups as she moves, like a squeaky bouncy ball. When I was taking the photo, she was trotting along the beam, chirruping and squeaking as if talking to me, and earlier today she was playing with flat-mouse (one of her toys) and pouncing on it, all the time making these funny little sounds. She used to have a toy-basket with all her toys in it, so she could go and choose what she wanted to play with, but sadly she disgraced herself by peeing in it, so we had to take it away. Now they’re kept in a bag, which isn’t so convenient for her, as we choose the toys for her; she doesn’t always approve of our choice! But she found flat-mouse somewhere other than the bag, so she’s happy at the moment.

Pause in Lent post may happen tomorrow, but I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment.


Untitled 3

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

I think this is the third in the unimaginatively titled “Untitled…” series, indicating that I can’t think of a title for this blog post. Supply your own, if this upsets you too much!

Unfortunately the interview came to naught – or at least, so far, it’s come to naught. The email that I got said “We would be very happy if we had the opportunity to work with you in the future.We do not have anything definite to propose you at this time. However, I won’t hesitate to get in touch with you if something définite comes up.”… which seems a bit strange, as I thought I was being interviewed for specific work. Still, it’s possible that the company in Clermont wanted a particular time that I couldn’t offer, due to contracts already in place. Never mind. Hopefully they may have something to offer me in the not too distant future.

On other domestic news front, I have completed my February ATC. As I said in this post I want to try to do a bit more crafting this year. To whit, I’m creating one ATC a month. Here is February’s:


On one side, I used the quotation “If your heart is a caged bird, I have the key”


The rather splodgey flowers were made using a stencil, and embellished with sparkly flowers; the cage is cut out from some wrapping paper and the tag made from some discounted stickers bought at Noz.

On the other side, I used a picture taken from a book I bought (discounted at Noz) called “Almanach 2010” – it is very odd, but has quite a lot of old fashioned type pictures that can be cut out and used. This dancing couple seemed suitable for the month of Lurve…


I painted the woman’s dress, and added a bower of flowers (from a discounted set, from – yes, you’ve guessed it! – Noz) and some tiny shell hearts (discounted, but bought at The Works over Christmas) I added the quotation from “My Fair Lady” because, well, it seemed to fit.

I apologise for my photography. I really must learn how to take better pictures! These aren’t very embellished ATCs. Many that are shown on blogs are much more elaborate than mine. It’s partly because I don’t have the materials, but also because I prefer the more “minimalist” look…Maybe one month I’ll try to step outside of my comfort zone, and go way over the top. But not this month.

I’ve finished the cards to send off for my Grow Your Blog giveaway, as I had an unexpected afternoon off on Thursday. There was too much snow for me to drive to Roanne for my one English lesson, so I cancelled it, and spent the afternoon crafting instead. This morning’s lesson was cancelled by the student so I caught up blogging (over at Fat Dormouse, you can read that we’ve decided to try the 5:2 diet) and now I am thinking I may do some more craft stuff.

I’ve joined a French crafting site (Scrap à la Carte) which sets out various challenges through the months. Perhaps I’ll have a go at a couple of these… I’m also thinking about getting a Cuttlebug / Big Shot thingy, but I’m not sure…Firstly I don’t exactly know what they do and secondly, I don’t know how much I’d use it…

but so many card makers out there on t’interweb seem to swear by them.

There’s lots of snow here – it’s been snowing more or less non stop for two days – fairly fine snow, but it mounts up. Mr D is itching to get down to Roanne to pick up his new bike, so I think he might brave the weather this afternoon, as it is just about stopped now. As long as the gritters/snow ploughs have done their job, and as long as he’s prudent, then there shouldn’t be a problem.  I should go out for a walk, I know: after a couple of weeks inactivity (I didn’t swim this week) my sciatica is starting to trouble me again. I am stretching most mornings, but I need to do more than this. But it’s cold. And snowy. And my snowboots aren’t tha good for long walks…or quite short ones, really… And I want to stay inside in the warm with the cats and my hot water bottle!


News about work…

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

…a bit of boasting, and news of a Giveaway!

First, the News About Work

As I reported last time, I’ve been taken on by a company to give English lessons by telephone – they’re not too bad, although, TBH, I’m not a great fan of the telephone and avoid it where possible, as I sometimes find it a little difficult to hear. I have one student who mumbles – or, at least, doesn’t enunciate clearly – so it’s quite tricky correcting his pronunciation, or even his grammar, as I don’t always hear him properly! Still, it pays the (metaphorical) rent.

I have an interview on Monday with another English Language Teaching Company, over in Lyon. I contacted them back in November, and they said that when/if they had any work in Clermont they’d contact me. I thought it was a polite brush-off, but no. They have some work, and want to interview me on Monday. I have to “teach” a lesson to the interviewers (aargh) and explain my reasons for teaching what I taught. I’ve done my lesson plan – which isn’t the most inspiring thing I’ve ever done, but I’m reasonably pleased with it – all I need do now is ask MrD to help me download the podcast that I want to use onto my tablet. I’m not very tech-minded so need all the help I can get.

I also have a Skype interview on Monday for the same Summer School that I worked for last year. I’ve already sent them my lesson plan, so I guess we’ll have to discuss that (at least I won’t have to teach it to the interviewer.) and so on. Of course I’ll be nervous, but with both of these, I think that they need me almost as much as I need them. Obviously the Lyon Company don’t already have a teacher in the Clermont area, and are looking for one; the Summer School needs lots of teachers – and one as experienced as me, who’s done it before and is willing to return, must be fairly high on the list. And if I don’t get either job…well. Never mind!

Last weekend,  MrD installed Windows8 on my computer. The poor dear was pulling his hair out because my files were in such a mess. The problem was that, as previously mentioned, I’m not techie, and don’t really know what I’m doing, so I’d saved everything in very random ways. There were so many various levels that required clicking on before you reached anything: name (click) (click) name (click) dormouse (click) oh, look! A document! So, thanks to Mr D it’s now a lot easier. However, I do seem to have lost all my bookmarked blogs/ websites (which includes the new ones I’d bookmarked from the Grow Your Blog Party. A bit of a pain, but never mind. I can start creating a shiny, new list of bookmarked sites.

While he was doing this, I was emptying a badly utilised bookcase in his study and moving it down to mine, to hold my craft stash, so I could use my craft-stash bookcase to hold my teaching/everyday stuff. It’s meant my desk is clearer (I do like to have my “bits” (Mr D would say “crap”!) around me!) but everything is still to hand.


(Oh, dear. Sorry. You’ll have to put your head on one side until I’ve re-worked out what to do) This is my “craft stash” bookcase. And yes, I do call this organised!


Moving round the room, I put the old craft bookcase on top of a chest of drawers, to make a kind of “dresser” affair. This is my keeping-everyday-stuff-to-hand bookcase.

IMG_1400Moving round, we come to  my fairly clear desk. As you can see by the wall in front, my “bits” include various photos of my family, plus other pictures that mean something to me.

IMG_1401Then finally we reach my TEFL bookcase with various folders etc and the escape hatch!

I’m quite happy with the state of the place at the moment.

Second, the Boasting

When I was sorting through stuff, I came across my folder of things-I-want-to-keep: mostly cards from special occasions. There were cards from my adult baptism (which was something which I now acknowledge wasn’t done at the right time or for the right reasons. But that’s another story), from my confirmation (oh, yes! I’ve been through several rites-of-passage in the church!), my Licensing as an LLM, from after my dad’s death, and from my last day of teaching.

I don’t know if this is boasting (I think it might be!) but I want to share something one of the parents wrote to me. The background is that her son, Ben, was a child with special needs. He couldn’t concentrate, he didn’t work well, he was a pain to the other children, he had a low level of ability. He drove all the staff mad. I had him in my last year, and the deal I made with him (and his mum) was that if he didn’t finish his work, I would give it to his mum at the end of the day and he’d have to do it at home. If he did well, I would go and tell his mum at the end of the day. …

Last year I’d just heard of your name and the fact that you’re really quite tough/ But little did I know of the person who, as yet, hasn’t said “That’sit! I give up”/ You took my son in your classroom, and within a week, he’d admitted you shout/ And he even admitted its causing, of which that was never in doubt.

Your visits to the playground I’ll miss; when other Mothers said “What, not again?”/Well, I hadn’t been sumoned since Friday,would  this time be pleasure or pain?/ He might have been caught misbehaving, or just sitting, staring into space/ You can always tell when he’s guilty, by the puppy dog look on his face.

He’s always been classed a challenge, but to me this year he’s done well/ So much so he has proof – certificates two, not just green, but a blue one as well*/Until this year he’s had none, just tales, one after another/ The sort that cause me to shout “Son, there’s a limit to what I can do as your mother!”

To the teacher who can still shout just as loud as his mum: Well Done!/ Dear Mrs Mouse who still has hair, not pulled out one by one: Well Done!!/ Best wishes and thanks, for not giving up on my son/ You’ve managed to teach a delightful young man, so..I’m biased. I’m Mum!

*The certificate reference was that at the school the children received points towards certificates for extra good work, or for extra good behaviour. First a green, then a blue and then possibly a gold certificate. While I didn’t give points willy-nilly, I tried to recognise “extra-good” work/behaviour for the child, recognising the efforts that the individual put in.

I’d forgotten Ben, and his mum (who as a single mum, tried so hard to get it right – but sometimes got things so terribly wrong) until I came across this, and the poem that Ben wrote for me:

Mrs Mouse likes pomes poems and cats / She also likes to shout a lot./ Mrs Mouse lets me go out to play/ at the right time/ Mrs Mouse makes me want to be nice to you  her/ and is okay when I forget/ Mrs Mouse is a nice person/ She lets me go to the toilet a lot/ Mrs Mouse your kind to me/ I will miss you when your gone to work with the council.

I hated teaching by the end of my time, but looking back at things like this, I can be proud of what I managed to do for some quite challenging children. A round of applause and a virtual chocolate cake for those of you who are still working with challenging, difficult or downright naughty children every day of your working life. I admire you for sticking it out!

And now, the Giveaway!

I had 35 comments left on my GYB post, so, in an effort to be fair, but not to resort to writing names on bits of paper or having to use a random number generator (more techie stuff!), I yelled up the stairs to Mr D “Give me a number between 1 and 35!” He yelled back, “26!”

Comment Number 26 was from Susan, at Fruitful Words So Susan has won the Giveaway of 3 handmade cards & a bookmark. I hope you like them, Susan!

Thank you to everyone who commented and read my blog and who have maybe returned for second helpings!

I have work!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Just before Christmas, I had a mail from the Pole Emploi telling me of a possible job. You have to apply for the posts that you are sent, or else you can lose your unemployment benefit (not that I’ve actually received any yet!). I was leaving for the UK the following day, so I dashed off a quick response in terrible French, saying I was interested but wouldn’t be available until January.

Imagine my surprise when, with no interview at all, I was being sent contracts for telephone lessons with five people…Jolly good. The pay is reasonable (20€ an hour, before tax – 2€ less than I charge normally, but this has no overheads like travel) so I accepted. Then another contract popped into my inbox…and another…and then another! Suddenly I’ve got another 4 hours a week (each lesson is 30 minutes long) – a bit spread out, which makes it a bit tricky to settle to other tasks (any excuse to avoid cleaning the bathroom!) but it’s bringing in another 80€ a week. Not to be sniffed at!

Unlike another offer of work, which would involve 30 minutes drive each way, to teach people “without much money” at 10€ an hour. Take away the 20% tax and that’s 8€ for an hours work. Plus paying for the diesel. You must be joking…!

So, with my other private lessons, that means I now have 14 hours a week teaching. Getting better and better.

More crafting. And a Knight.

Friday, January 11th, 2013

There I was, sitting in my car in a queue at the traffic lights, when a Chevalier in tabard, boots and pointy-hooded cloak strode past me, sword at his side, smoking a pipe.  He looked totally unembarrassed and as though he belonged in a modern day street in Roanne. I wish I’d had my camera with me!

A bit like this gentleman – but browner! It was a slightly surreal experience!


Other than that, what have I been doing? Well, I’ve applied to go back to work at the Summer School again this year. Yes, I know it was very hard work last year, but, in hindsight (it’s a wonderful thing!) I think I enjoyed it enough to return – if they’ll have me!

I’ve also applied for one or two other teaching jobs – these are online/ telephone teaching – I don’t know what will happen there. I’ll keep you posted.

And I’ve been creating some cards. I’m quite pleased with these (though my photos aren’t great)

This uses some tissue paper that I bought ages ago, a gold stick-on daffodil (bought discount at Noz!) coloured by hand using felt tips, ric-rac ribbon and two flower eyelets from a Mini Embellishment set by Papermania- again bought discount, at Noz. The sentiment (“Just for the pleasure”) I printed out on parchment paper (Noz!) and the card I used was being thrown out from Michelin last year, so I rescued it from the bin.

This card (“Take time to dream”) uses a rice paper clock, cut out and stuck down, with some paper I bought (reduced!) at a local craft store at the left hand edge. The ribbon was bought at Noz, the bird cut out from the same paper,and a couple of jewels stuck on to sparkle. They were also bought reduced from £2.99 the pot to 99p.

These flowers I bought in Canterbury at Christmas in The Works. 99p a bag – I wish I’d bought two bags as I’ve used them quite a lot! Discount ribbon and recycled pearlescent card complete this one, with a hand written sentiment.

I like this one – it’s very similar in design to the Christmas card I sent my Ship of Fools Secret Santa recipient. Discount ribbon, recycled card, free paper (in a craft magazine), printed sentiment (“Dream”) and discount jewels and stars. I’m not a cheapskate, really!

This one, and the one shown below, are my interpretations of a design I found on someone’s blog. Theirs was a Christmas card: I’ve made mine into every day cards. The one above uses thread from a tag on a jumper I bought in M&S in the sales, and the one below uses recycled thread from gift tags! The flowers you’ve seen before, and the paper used was again discount/reduced/on special offer! The sentiments were printed on parchment paper, the one below meaning ” Smile…Share…Love”

I have always found it difficult to find sentiments to use in France, but I’ve finally found a couple of websites and blogs that have given me ideas, and I have a book where I write them all down.

I have also discovered a French site similar to Etsy or Folksy, which I am tempted to join. Some of the prices being charged for what I think are frankly horrid cards (but then, I’m not coming from a French view point) are a bit astounding. Or maybe I’m just undercharging! I’m certainly considering having a “shop” on here – but I need to look carefully at the terms & conditions. What do people think?

Internet down!

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

This morning, for some reason best known to itself, my computer dongle wasn’t picking up the WiFi signal. So I had to find other things to do rather than spend vast amounts of time reading blogs, the Ship etc.

So I planned all next week’s lessons, wrote loads of emails (to send when the internet connection was back up), wrote a letter to my mum, sorted out some overdue paperwork, and did a bit of job research. I made a delicious Chorizo and vegetable clafoutis for lunch, and cleared the kitchen.

Then Mr D came home from work. We had lunch, and I swear that the computer knows when its Master is in the house, as I tried (for the umpteenth time) to connect to the internet, and, why lookee here, I’m connected! So I immediately spend the rest of the afternoon wasting time reading blogs, the Ship etc. And fighting off Bib-the-evil-kitten, and (let’s be fair) applying for a job (or rather, asking a company if they have any jobs.)

I really think I should stop turning on the computer as a matter of course in the morning. I find all those lovely, interesting bookmarked blogs too irresistable! I might find I get other things done if I leave the screen blank!

Oh well. Thanks to my IT technician: Mr D, psychically mending computers since 2005

Here’s a photo of Bib when she was tiny, so everone can go “Aaaaaah!”

Sad thing to see…

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

I am not in favour of hunting, but, at least, here in France, it is generally understood that you eat what you kill – sanglier (wild boar), rabbits, deer. Most Saturday and Sunday you will see or hear the hunters out – the horn, the dogs barking, and sometimes – rather disconcertingly – men with rifles slung nonchalantly over their shoulders.

Most hunters look after their dogs quite well, although they do stay outside in kennels or runs, rather than being pampered indoors pets. They will be microchipped, and wear collars with phone numbers attached. But some are less caring, and, of course, it is inevitable that sometimes the dogs, let out to run and chase the prey, will get lost in the forest and not find their way home.

I was at the vets with Pomme today – she was there for her annual vaccinations – and a man came in with a young, pitifully thin hunting dog, asking if the vet could check for a microchip or tattoo. He had found it wandering lost and frightened, and while she was a lovely dog, he couldn’t keep her, having four dogs of his own already. If I hadn’t have known exactly what Mr D would have said (not to mention Pomme, George, Millie and Bib!) I would have taken her like a shot! He left, carrying he, to take her to the SPA.

If only the owner had the care to microchip or tattoo her! But then, the French attitude to animals is different: we have generous, caring friends, who won’t neuter their cat because it’s too expensive, and then, if she gives birth, drown the kittens as they are born! I have said my piece to them, but … At least we were able to take George and Millie, so they didn’t meet The Bucket.

Let’s hope Lovely Hunting Dog finds a second owner who will love her and care for her as she deserves.


Celebrity Crushes

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Katrin, over at the Land of Candy Canes asked about people’s first celebrity crushes…It got me thinking about my first crush on somebody (that I can remember!) and it was Ben Murphy from “Alias Smith and Jones” a TV programme that I loved, when I was about 14 or 15.

This could be the very same image that I had sellotaped to the inside of my desk lid when I was in the Upper Fourth for…or maybe it was this one:

My friend preferred the rugged good looks of Pete Duel, who sadly shot himself, through depression, at the age of 31, but I was thrilled by the boyishness of Ben Murphy.

I then moved on to crushing over David McCallum, who played Flight-Lieutenant Simon Carter in Colditz.

That stiff upper lip! Swoon! Swoon! Be still, my beating heart!

My friend preferred Anthony Valentine, who played the cold nasty Nazi prison guard, but not me. No, I was in love with the RAF hero, who (according to the biog ) had been  “Married only for a short while to his wife Cathy, he misses her desperately and tries many times to escape so that he can be reunited with her.” (No, that’s all wrong! He missed the young Miss Dormouse, and wanted to get home to her!!)

Now, how could anyone prefer him?!

And now, I have other celebrity crushes to share…

Lovely, lovely Doctor Brian Cox

Wonderful melted -chocolate-voiced Alan Rickman

Rather predictably, there’s Johnny Depp (I often play on this when teaching..The second conditional is a favourite: If I met Johnny Depp I would kiss him…It always raises a smile!)

and a new one the silver fox, Spencer Kelly, from BBC “Click”

I don’t do computers, but he makes the programme (which Mr D loves) bearable!!

So what about you, do you have any (past or present) celebrity crushes to admit to?

Add your own title here:

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Add your own title, I can’t think of one! Just to catch up…news here in the Dormousehold isn’t great.

My back/sciatica  is still causing me problems: I had my scan on Monday, and my kiné (physio) looked at the results. He explained that I have two main, and fairly major problems, and his opinion the best course of action will be surgery. I have an appointment to see my GP, who specialises in sports injuries, tomorrow. I will see what he says, and then make a decision. I’m not in any pain, but am in some discomfort, thanks to some slow-release painkillers, which last for 12 hours. I can walk (slowly), sit, lie, drive and generally live my life without pain…but I have that little niggling knowledge that if I stopped taking them the pain would be back in an instant!

My job is also in jeopardy. I have the choice of taking voluntary redundancy, with a small redundancy package, or staying on at the Language School with vastly reduced hours. If I take redundancy I might be eligible for unemployment benefit, BUT because I am also Auto Entrepreneur (that is, I am self employed as an English teacher) and therefore earn some -but not much – money, I may not be eligible. I am going to speak to my Boss tomorrow as well, to see what options are open to me, and to try to negotiate for a bigger package IF I left. The problem is that the “enhanced” package is only open for negotiation until the end of September (we only heard about it this week!!!) so I need to move fast. I’m hoping I can negotiate to receive the package if I go, even though I might not be officially going until October.

In a way, I’d much rather stay, because

(a) I’m ever the one to maintain the status quo and

(b) if I leave, I will have to deal with the beaurocracy that is the French Unemployment Office. And I hate dealing with beaurocracy.

But the unemployment benefit will probably give us a little more to live on than I’d earn, AND I wouldn’t have to drive to Clermont every day. And I may also have to take the possibility of being in hospital for ???? weeks with a back operation.

Oh dear! Oh dear!

STILL, we are ever thankful that Mr D got his job before all this happened. At least there is one wage coming in and we are able to eat, and heat our home, and live our life. We have medical insurance, and we live in a lovely place. Life could be better…but it could equally be much, much worse.


I’m editing this, a few hours later…My Pastor’s wife sent me an email with a link to a sondage (questionnaire) by Le Figaro.

Question: Are you opposed to homosexual marriage?

Answer: At the moment it’s 37% (or so) for, the rest against, and that’s from a voting public of 237,297 people. Interestingly, on this question, there has been nobody voting “je ne sais pas” (I don’t know) – this is a question where everybody, it seems, has an opinion.And I’m happy to make it clear that I have voted on the minority side – which I bet my Pastor’s wife didn’t expect me to do!

Maybe you’d like to add your voice? (though, to be fair, I don’t know if you can if you’re outside France).