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Just popped in…

Friday, September 17th, 2010

…not much to say

The doctor has diagnosed fairly severe ligament damage with both knee and ankle. She wrote me a prescription for a dreadful knee brace to keep my leg straight- impossible to wear, as it keeps sliding down my leg! Also, my friend C, who is a nurse, totally disagrees, saying if I wear the brace it won’t allow my ligaments to strengthen. I suppose the brace will stop any extra damage if I fell – preventing further twisting. But I’m compromising now: wearing the brace at night, when I won’t be concious about being careful, and being careful during the day. I’ve also got an ankle/foot brace to stop me turning the ankle again – rather like a skeleton ski boot.

Pomme stepped heavily on my knee yesterday, causing me to blaspheme violently, but I did resist flinging her off my lap. But she left me in quite a deal of pain, so I cancelled my lessons for today, so I didn’t need to drive. Mr D drove me yesterday, as he wanted to go to Clermont to buy some insoles for his new cycle shoes. So today I planned my lessons for next week, made about 12 Christmas cards, and a couple of birthday cards, and surfed a few blogs, which made me feel inadequate on the crafting front.

Kittens and Pomme are getting on reasonably well now. They still go to bed upstairs in the study, so Pomme can sleep on Mr D, if she wishes, and Pomme’s fed before they emerge, but, altho we do have one or two nasty attacks, we are encouraged. George and Pomme even slept on the same bed for a while this morning; but now we have a bundle of gently snoring kittens in the spare room.

I am sorry to be missing Celtic Hangover at the local music café. It would have been the first time that I’d gone, but having skived off teaching I thought I shouldn’t go out enjoying myself. Mr D wouldn’t touch it with the proverbial bargepole, (not being a fan of the jiggly-jiggly Irish sound) but I’d considered going with C. Maybe another time.

Just thought we’d have a change.

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

So I chose a new background theme.

I haven’t really got very much to say. (Stop heckling that person who shouted out “When do you ever?”) In fact I really ought to get off my a*se and go and do stuff. Which includes: going to the recycling bins to empty our recycling box, taking a bill for English lessons round to the students house, buying a couple of steaks for tonight’s dinner, tidying my desk – which currently has two tottering piles of unrelated papers and a heap of Christmas cards that require sorting into Use to make more Christmas cards/Use to make gift tags/Recycle – and maybe making some more cards. But instead I sit in front the computer and read other peoples’ blogs and do nothing constructive. Still…I enjoy doing it, so that can’t be all bad!

It’s not very warm up here in the study, even though we have the parafin heater going plus a fan heater. Or maybe it’s just the fact I’m sitting still.

Good Grief, this is tedious – I think I’ll shut up until I have something slightly more interesting to write about.