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Answering Questions.

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Kezzie, over at KezzieAG answered questions from different bloggers and then asked some of her own. I thought it might be quite fun to answer them nere.

1.What is the meaning of life? There’s an easy one to start with! I believe Douglas Adams told us it was 42, but I’m not sure how helpful that is…I don’t even know what it means: “the meaning of life” ! Does it mean “why are we here”? Does it mean “How should we behave”? In answer to the second question, I believe that the prophet Micah has the answer: “O people, the LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”

2. Favourite sweetie? Chocklit.
3.  Princess Jasmine or Belle? Why? I don’t understand this question, I’m afraid?! I guess it’s referring to a film/ story book, but it’s passed me by!
4.  What do you like most about blogging? Reading people’s comments and finding out that they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written,or found it helpful/interesting/ humorous. Also I love finding new blogs to read – whether it’s just once, or whether I become a Follower.
5.  And what do you like least? Writing a post and getting no response! Though I have to say I’m guilty of reading other people’s blogs and not commenting, so I shouldn’t complain if people don’t comment on my blog!
Actually, the other thing I don’t like about blogging is the fact that the Wibsite won’t let me publish photos and is getting tiresome to use. I’m getting more and more frustrated with it. I’m planning on changing my blog provider – watch this space for details!
6.  Who was your favourite childhood stuffed/cuddly toy and why? Do you still have them? I had myriad bears (“bears” being the generic term for stuffed toys): Jeremy, Barrington, Monty and Marty the mice, Angus the dog, Pooh Bear, Fluffy…and those are the ones I can remember! I still have Pooh Bear, who became a monk during my slightly “High Church” phase at college. He was given new velveteen paws and new eyes by a dear friend, but he no longer wears his habit. I now have a new generation of bears, including Woburn, Disley-the-Rabbit, Cadbury-the-Camel and Kitten.
7.  Favourite board game? Don’t really play board games, but I quite like “Who’s in the Bag” – a type of fast paced charades. It appeals to the actor in me.
8.  Would you rather be a sheep or a cow? Why? A sheep. It’s the woolly coats that appeal.
9.  What word do you have issues with spelling? Diarrhoea. Occasion (until someone told me that “on occasion I wear a shirt with two collars and one sleeve” – two cs and one s).
10.  What pet would you love if you could have something? A dog. Specifically a rescue dog. Something not too big but not too small. Kind of woolly. But Mr D doesn’t want a dog, and I suspect nor do the cats. I love cats – and if I had to choose, it would be cats all the way, but hey, the question isn’t about choosing one OR the other, is it?!
I think these are pictures of pure breed dogs, but something like this:
or this…


11.  What question would you like to answer that you’ve never been asked? Here’s a million pounds for you to do with as you wish: what would you like to do with it?
Answer: keep some, but give a lot of it away. I’d just love to be able to say “Here you are, Amnesty International/ Diannah School of English/ Action Aid/ Spanish Stray Cats / several other charities – here’s a subsantial amount of money for you”.

Waxing eloquent N°4

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I’m continuing looking at Ruby Wax’s tips for a “really Happy New Year”, and thinking about how these might tie in with the work we’ve been doing at our Opening Doors follow up “meetings” (meetings in inverted commas for me, as I’m only there via Skype.)

Be Less Busy

We worship busy-ness but brain research shows that rather than it being a great accomplishment to be able to juggle, it may actually scramble your brain. Rather than being in “doing” mode all the time, have a go at being in “being” mode. I experience it when I’m scuba diving, but everyone feels this at some point: looking at a sunset, stroking a cat, a moment where time stops and you’re experiencing something directly without the running commentary. In this mode the mind isn’t flipping between the past and the future, it has nowhere to go, so it can start to settle

I talked about this a little last time I commented on Ruby’s tips…and the time before that…which kind of makes me think that a lot of what Ms Wax is saying is quite repetitive in its goals. Still – less of this cynicism please!

Though I have to admit that I do need to practise this art of being not doing. I seldom pause meaningfully during my day, and this is something Ange is encouraging us to do. My last post refers to the 5:2:1 way of life that Ange is trying to encourage us to follow – unsuccessfully in my case! I keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow…I just need to buy a nice book to record my feelings in…I haven’t got time today but I really will start tomorrow…”

Part of my problem is allowing myself to let go, and not getting worked up if it doesn’t go “right”. this is why I haven’t been very successful at my “SMASH” journalling, or my art/prayer journalling, or even my card making sometimes, because I feel these have to look “perfect” – or at least, I have to be satisfied and I rarely am very happy. My zentangle cat was an exception to that rule though. Here he is again (because I like to show off!) – except the wibsite aint playing ball with photos at the moment! Grr.

Why I can’t accept that I’m just “having a go” I don’t know: “good enough” is my mantra in many parts of my life, so why it isn’t in others seems very strange. And anyway, how do you “do” pausing for a few seconds to ground oneself in a way that is considered as properly (or improperly for that matter!) I just need to do it (that’s a rather ironic statement, if you look back at what I’m talking about!) Perhaps I should say I just have to be it!!