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Answering Questions.

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Kezzie, over at KezzieAG answered questions from different bloggers and then asked some of her own. I thought it might be quite fun to answer them nere.

1.What is the meaning of life? There’s an easy one to start with! I believe Douglas Adams told us it was 42, but I’m not sure how helpful that is…I don’t even know what it means: “the meaning of life” ! Does it mean “why are we here”? Does it mean “How should we behave”? In answer to the second question, I believe that the prophet Micah has the answer: “O people, the LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”

2. Favourite sweetie? Chocklit.
3.  Princess Jasmine or Belle? Why? I don’t understand this question, I’m afraid?! I guess it’s referring to a film/ story book, but it’s passed me by!
4.  What do you like most about blogging? Reading people’s comments and finding out that they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written,or found it helpful/interesting/ humorous. Also I love finding new blogs to read – whether it’s just once, or whether I become a Follower.
5.  And what do you like least? Writing a post and getting no response! Though I have to say I’m guilty of reading other people’s blogs and not commenting, so I shouldn’t complain if people don’t comment on my blog!
Actually, the other thing I don’t like about blogging is the fact that the Wibsite won’t let me publish photos and is getting tiresome to use. I’m getting more and more frustrated with it. I’m planning on changing my blog provider – watch this space for details!
6.  Who was your favourite childhood stuffed/cuddly toy and why? Do you still have them? I had myriad bears (“bears” being the generic term for stuffed toys): Jeremy, Barrington, Monty and Marty the mice, Angus the dog, Pooh Bear, Fluffy…and those are the ones I can remember! I still have Pooh Bear, who became a monk during my slightly “High Church” phase at college. He was given new velveteen paws and new eyes by a dear friend, but he no longer wears his habit. I now have a new generation of bears, including Woburn, Disley-the-Rabbit, Cadbury-the-Camel and Kitten.
7.  Favourite board game? Don’t really play board games, but I quite like “Who’s in the Bag” – a type of fast paced charades. It appeals to the actor in me.
8.  Would you rather be a sheep or a cow? Why? A sheep. It’s the woolly coats that appeal.
9.  What word do you have issues with spelling? Diarrhoea. Occasion (until someone told me that “on occasion I wear a shirt with two collars and one sleeve” – two cs and one s).
10.  What pet would you love if you could have something? A dog. Specifically a rescue dog. Something not too big but not too small. Kind of woolly. But Mr D doesn’t want a dog, and I suspect nor do the cats. I love cats – and if I had to choose, it would be cats all the way, but hey, the question isn’t about choosing one OR the other, is it?!
I think these are pictures of pure breed dogs, but something like this:
or this…


11.  What question would you like to answer that you’ve never been asked? Here’s a million pounds for you to do with as you wish: what would you like to do with it?
Answer: keep some, but give a lot of it away. I’d just love to be able to say “Here you are, Amnesty International/ Diannah School of English/ Action Aid/ Spanish Stray Cats / several other charities – here’s a subsantial amount of money for you”.

Santa found his lost packages!

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Before Christmas I signed up with Char at t*rexes and tiaras for her Secret Santa swap. I love Secret Santas, and swaps and Giveaways – and hope to take part in a few more this year. So, if anyone knows of any going on, please give me a headsup – so I was happy to take part in this one.

But Christmas came…and went…and there was no sign of my parcel. I resigned myself to the fact that it had been lost (or perhaps purloined, as was a birthday card with money in, that my mum sent me.) Until last week I got home from teaching and found a delightfully exoticparcel all the way from South Africa…

In it were lots of delightful goodies – none of which I can show you because of this b *%à!§à# site not loading my photos

But there was:

  • a gorgeous scarf, in greens and browns and yellows, with my favourite sunflowers on it. I have already worn it loads and loads.
  • 4 brilliant cat badges…One is being worn by Mr D (it says “The Cat’s Whiskers” on it!), one by me, one is on my everyday winter hat, and the other is waiting for a home.
  • Six cunning little cat clips
  • A beautiful corsage made from reclaimed fabric.
  • Lemony scented soap
  • Soft and cuddly wool, which has already started being knitted into blankets for Spanish Stray Cats
  • A jolly cat Christmas card

All of these came from Chane at OddOneOut. I love my Secret Santa gift – and I love it all the more because I didn’t think it was going to ever arrive!


I’m going to re-blog this post over at Fat Dormouse, so you can see the pictures.


Grow Your Blog 2014 – plus a giveaway

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Well, hello, bonjour, bienvenue and welcome!

If you have come over to see me through the lovely Vicki’s Grow Your Blog event I am very happy to see you, and I hope that you find something here to catch your eye and make you smile. This site doesn’t have the wherewithal to become a Follower, but it would be lovely if you were interested enough to “bookmark” this page and come back to see me from time to time.

I’m often asked Why did you move to France? Well, the answer to that is in the section entitled “Throw Off the Bowlines” which comes from a quotation by Mark Twain

We managed to throw off the bowlines, we were persuaded to explore and dream and discover…So do please read that section if you want to know more about why we ended up here, in our small village in France.


I am an English teacher, and I am lucky to love my work – although getting up at 6.15 to face an hour’s drive to my lessons in Clermont Ferrand does sometimes dampen my enthusiasm! I teach a mixture of business people, adults learning for their holidays, children and young adults preparing for their Bac; I teach a mixture of one-to-one, small groups and over the phone. It is varied, interesting and fun. It’s not the greatest pay packet at the end of the month, but it’s enough and I’m happy – that’s worth quite a lot, in my book!

When not working I love blogging…I have two blogs, this one, and Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner. I hope you might trot over there as there will be a giveaway there too. On that blog I write about my efforts to get thinner, my menus for the week and I also post recipes that have been successfully received in the Dormousehold.

We don’t have children, there’s just me, Mr D and four Very Bad Cats (They used to be known as Very Bad Kittens, but, like us all, they’re getting older!)

This is where I would love to show you photos, but, for the millionth time, (or so it seems!) the site is refusing to upload photos from my collection. It is really frustrating! I will put some on my other site, so now you’ll have to go over there!! Anyway, Feline-wise, there is Pomme (the Senior Officer, at about 10 years old), George & Millie (Middle Management, born in 2010) and there is Bib (otherwise known as the Office Junior, born and rescued from the Michelin R&D site in 2012)


I also make cards. Again, no luck uploading photos, and when I try to link to previous posts with photos of my work, hey presto! Look! All the photos have disappeared. I am SO sorry about this. I hope it won’t make you lovely Grow-Your-Blog people turn away in disgust and despair! I feel I’ve let you down and I am really sorry!!

As I’m a Lolcats fan, this will have to do as a picture…

So… If you would like to win my Grow-Your-Blog Giveaway, which is 5 handmade cards, then please do leave a comment. I can provide cards for special occassions, or just five general ones. I will also throw in a handmade bookmark, which – dammit! – I can’t show you. Plusalso a card with a short quotation (chosen by you, bien sur!), calligraphed by me (Do you know, I don’t think that there is such a verb!) It will have to be short, as my hands are becoming artritic and I find it difficult calligraphing for too long!!

Once again, apologies that the Wibsite has not let me upload my photos. But please, do come back and see me another time. It will be more fun then, I promise!! Until then, don’t forget: you can visit Fat Dormouse and see photos! (Fingers crossed…!!)


Friday, November 1st, 2013

Why do I blog? Somebody asked me this question a while back, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. To be honest, I’m not really sure: I started, thinking it would be a way for our friends and relatives to find out what we’re doing over here in France – but I’m not really sure how many Real Life friends or relatives read my blog. They rarely comment if they do read it!

It is a rather narcissistic pasttime, blogging: you imagine that people “out there” who you have never met, might be interested in what you have to say.  You get excitedwhen someone comments – especially if it’s a supportive comment, that shows that they have read your words and understood what you’re trying to say. I suppose part of the reason I blog is because I love writing – and a blog is easier than a novel. It’s more immediate, it’s possibly less effort, although I do know that some people spend a long time crafting the “perfect” blog post. I certainly don’t (“You can tell!” they all chorus in disapproval!) – I type as I think, and possibly read it once before pressing “Publish” but other than that, my blog posts stand (or fall) as I write them.


I must admit to being slightly envious of those blogs where the writers are sent various things to review – one blogger I read was given a free cruise on the cruise ship Ventura,  for heaven’s sake!


How lucky is that?! Others receive vouchers for clothes sites, food to try, etc etc. I’m not saying I’m blogging for what I can get out of it, but it would be lovely to have freebies like that! But this isn’t a high profile blog, with Facebook/ Pinterest/ Twitter links on it – mainly because I have no idea how to put links on a blog! – but rather a homely little blog on a wide ranging number of themes.  However, if anyone does wish to  bribe me, I’m open to offers!


Naturally, we all want to be loved, and the comments that people leave are always a delight to read. Those of you who read and comment: thank you. I often remonstrate with myself when I visit other people’s blogs and don’t comment. Knowing how pleased I am to receive an alert saying that there is a new comment, I really should make more effort to leave messages on other people’s posts. There is always the feeling of “I’ve got nothing to add to this post/discussion” but, if other bloggers are like myself, just the fact that someone has taken the time to comment is very pleasing. So don’t hesitate to leave a message!


This is all a rather roundabout way of introducing the Grow Your Blog event that blogger Vicki is organising for January 2014. She did this last January, and it was lovely to visit lots of other blogs that I might not have found otherwise. I “followed” some, and bookmarked others. Some I still visit on a regular basis, others were a glimpse of someone else’s world which I haven’t repeated – rather like when you pass an uncurtained, lit up wndow in winter. You catch a snapshot of another life, which you don’t ever see again, but which leaves an impression, fleeting or otherwise.


Vicki is an incredibly generous and talented blogger, who gives away fantastic gifts -I was lucky enough to receive one if these beautiful bags in her giveaway in spring –


and this year she has been collecting pink scarves from people all over the world to give to breast cancer sufferers and survivors in her home area. The amount of work she has put into this project is amazing, and the photos she has taken of these scarves are beautiful. She creates bespoke fabric “nests”, which are not my cup of tea, but which I can appreciate for the skill, work and love that goes into each one.


The idea is that people visit and “follow” your blog, if they think it is the kind of blog they would like – I guess it is a type of networking! Here on the wibsite there isn’t the possibility of Followers, but I hope that people do bookmark the page if they like what they see, and pop back from time to time. If you are a blogger and would like to join in, why not pop over to Vicki and sign up.



Why do I blog? I’m not sure – but I have received some great benefits.

I have, through blogging, met some interesting people – recently  I stayed with Floss and her family, and last November we had the privilege of welcoming a young cyclist to stay thanks to Mags linking to his blog as he cycled from Istanbul to Belfast (as you do!)  –

I HAVE recieved lovely gifts (so actually, yes, I do get freebies!) as I’ve taken part in swops, giveaways and Secret Santa exchanges

I have found some interesting blogs showing me glimpses of different lives: single parenthood, frugal living, ministry in the USA, fashion and cooking – I have favourite blogs I go back to day after day, loving the stories of PON puppies growing up in the SW of France, marvelling at the skill and patience of a special needs teacher in the US,  loving the joyousness of PomPom’s posts about simple family values and the wisdom of Angela’s posts about her life. I love the challenge and optimism of Ange’s blog as well Now I’ve started I want to link to so many more blogs that I read…! I hope that you will click on one or two of the links yourselves and discover new glimpses of lives that you didn’t know existed…

Blogging is fun. And I think I would really miss it if I didn’t do it.

News about work…

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

…a bit of boasting, and news of a Giveaway!

First, the News About Work

As I reported last time, I’ve been taken on by a company to give English lessons by telephone – they’re not too bad, although, TBH, I’m not a great fan of the telephone and avoid it where possible, as I sometimes find it a little difficult to hear. I have one student who mumbles – or, at least, doesn’t enunciate clearly – so it’s quite tricky correcting his pronunciation, or even his grammar, as I don’t always hear him properly! Still, it pays the (metaphorical) rent.

I have an interview on Monday with another English Language Teaching Company, over in Lyon. I contacted them back in November, and they said that when/if they had any work in Clermont they’d contact me. I thought it was a polite brush-off, but no. They have some work, and want to interview me on Monday. I have to “teach” a lesson to the interviewers (aargh) and explain my reasons for teaching what I taught. I’ve done my lesson plan – which isn’t the most inspiring thing I’ve ever done, but I’m reasonably pleased with it – all I need do now is ask MrD to help me download the podcast that I want to use onto my tablet. I’m not very tech-minded so need all the help I can get.

I also have a Skype interview on Monday for the same Summer School that I worked for last year. I’ve already sent them my lesson plan, so I guess we’ll have to discuss that (at least I won’t have to teach it to the interviewer.) and so on. Of course I’ll be nervous, but with both of these, I think that they need me almost as much as I need them. Obviously the Lyon Company don’t already have a teacher in the Clermont area, and are looking for one; the Summer School needs lots of teachers – and one as experienced as me, who’s done it before and is willing to return, must be fairly high on the list. And if I don’t get either job…well. Never mind!

Last weekend,  MrD installed Windows8 on my computer. The poor dear was pulling his hair out because my files were in such a mess. The problem was that, as previously mentioned, I’m not techie, and don’t really know what I’m doing, so I’d saved everything in very random ways. There were so many various levels that required clicking on before you reached anything: name (click) (click) name (click) dormouse (click) oh, look! A document! So, thanks to Mr D it’s now a lot easier. However, I do seem to have lost all my bookmarked blogs/ websites (which includes the new ones I’d bookmarked from the Grow Your Blog Party. A bit of a pain, but never mind. I can start creating a shiny, new list of bookmarked sites.

While he was doing this, I was emptying a badly utilised bookcase in his study and moving it down to mine, to hold my craft stash, so I could use my craft-stash bookcase to hold my teaching/everyday stuff. It’s meant my desk is clearer (I do like to have my “bits” (Mr D would say “crap”!) around me!) but everything is still to hand.


(Oh, dear. Sorry. You’ll have to put your head on one side until I’ve re-worked out what to do) This is my “craft stash” bookcase. And yes, I do call this organised!


Moving round the room, I put the old craft bookcase on top of a chest of drawers, to make a kind of “dresser” affair. This is my keeping-everyday-stuff-to-hand bookcase.

IMG_1400Moving round, we come to  my fairly clear desk. As you can see by the wall in front, my “bits” include various photos of my family, plus other pictures that mean something to me.

IMG_1401Then finally we reach my TEFL bookcase with various folders etc and the escape hatch!

I’m quite happy with the state of the place at the moment.

Second, the Boasting

When I was sorting through stuff, I came across my folder of things-I-want-to-keep: mostly cards from special occasions. There were cards from my adult baptism (which was something which I now acknowledge wasn’t done at the right time or for the right reasons. But that’s another story), from my confirmation (oh, yes! I’ve been through several rites-of-passage in the church!), my Licensing as an LLM, from after my dad’s death, and from my last day of teaching.

I don’t know if this is boasting (I think it might be!) but I want to share something one of the parents wrote to me. The background is that her son, Ben, was a child with special needs. He couldn’t concentrate, he didn’t work well, he was a pain to the other children, he had a low level of ability. He drove all the staff mad. I had him in my last year, and the deal I made with him (and his mum) was that if he didn’t finish his work, I would give it to his mum at the end of the day and he’d have to do it at home. If he did well, I would go and tell his mum at the end of the day. …

Last year I’d just heard of your name and the fact that you’re really quite tough/ But little did I know of the person who, as yet, hasn’t said “That’sit! I give up”/ You took my son in your classroom, and within a week, he’d admitted you shout/ And he even admitted its causing, of which that was never in doubt.

Your visits to the playground I’ll miss; when other Mothers said “What, not again?”/Well, I hadn’t been sumoned since Friday,would  this time be pleasure or pain?/ He might have been caught misbehaving, or just sitting, staring into space/ You can always tell when he’s guilty, by the puppy dog look on his face.

He’s always been classed a challenge, but to me this year he’s done well/ So much so he has proof – certificates two, not just green, but a blue one as well*/Until this year he’s had none, just tales, one after another/ The sort that cause me to shout “Son, there’s a limit to what I can do as your mother!”

To the teacher who can still shout just as loud as his mum: Well Done!/ Dear Mrs Mouse who still has hair, not pulled out one by one: Well Done!!/ Best wishes and thanks, for not giving up on my son/ You’ve managed to teach a delightful young man, so..I’m biased. I’m Mum!

*The certificate reference was that at the school the children received points towards certificates for extra good work, or for extra good behaviour. First a green, then a blue and then possibly a gold certificate. While I didn’t give points willy-nilly, I tried to recognise “extra-good” work/behaviour for the child, recognising the efforts that the individual put in.

I’d forgotten Ben, and his mum (who as a single mum, tried so hard to get it right – but sometimes got things so terribly wrong) until I came across this, and the poem that Ben wrote for me:

Mrs Mouse likes pomes poems and cats / She also likes to shout a lot./ Mrs Mouse lets me go out to play/ at the right time/ Mrs Mouse makes me want to be nice to you  her/ and is okay when I forget/ Mrs Mouse is a nice person/ She lets me go to the toilet a lot/ Mrs Mouse your kind to me/ I will miss you when your gone to work with the council.

I hated teaching by the end of my time, but looking back at things like this, I can be proud of what I managed to do for some quite challenging children. A round of applause and a virtual chocolate cake for those of you who are still working with challenging, difficult or downright naughty children every day of your working life. I admire you for sticking it out!

And now, the Giveaway!

I had 35 comments left on my GYB post, so, in an effort to be fair, but not to resort to writing names on bits of paper or having to use a random number generator (more techie stuff!), I yelled up the stairs to Mr D “Give me a number between 1 and 35!” He yelled back, “26!”

Comment Number 26 was from Susan, at Fruitful Words So Susan has won the Giveaway of 3 handmade cards & a bookmark. I hope you like them, Susan!

Thank you to everyone who commented and read my blog and who have maybe returned for second helpings!

Joining In

Friday, September 7th, 2012

WARNING: this is a cut-and-paste job from Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner. If you’ve read it there, you may not want to read it again!

Thanks to Vicki over at 2 Bags Full I’m joining in with this event :

A “Grow-Your-Blog” event – a kind of blog hop, for those of us with only a few followers…Now, I know here at the Wibsite we don’t count “Followers”, and that’s fine. It’s kind of liberating in a way,  but it’s still lovely to have lots of comments and feel that people are engaging with your blog.

When I have the time to visit other people’s blogs, I do try to leave a comment (however banal!) just to show that there is somebody interested – and I am! I love reading people’s views on the world, the little personal stories, (I’m still grining about Auntie Doris’s news however many months after we first heard!) their experiences of God, their photographs. I have laughed, wept, pondered and perused with people from all over the world. I have been lucky enough to win giveaways – a delicious smelling soy candle, some beautiful beads – to be able to share gifts (thank you Pauleen for my lovely Australian goodies!) and give people some of my crafts. I have discovered new music (Oh, Mags, how I love Rend Collective Experiment. Thank you SO much for posting about them!) and rediscovered old. I’ve had the encouragement to think about my faith, through Floss’s “Pause in Lent/Advent…” and to think about how I am part of an amazing electronic community. It was through a new friend at Thistle Cove Farm (found via PomPom) that I read about this event, so thank you to Pompom and to Sandra for the links.

So I’m going to join in with Vicki, and lots of other people in January to take part in this – both here and over at Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner. Maybe you’d like to join in too!


Jubilee Swap Results

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Yesterday I got home and found a parcel from the distant shores of Australia waiting for me – my Jubilee Swap Parcel had arrived! This was organised by Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping and came from Pauleen, over in the North of Australia. Her blog hangs out at Tropical Territory and she has some beautiful photography on there.

I’d not had a brilliant day so wasn’t in the mood to open presents as soon as I got home. However, later on that evening I found a quiet time and gave myself a treat. What a bundle of goodies I received:

Here are all the little packages, wrapped up in white tissue paper (which Bib loves playing with) and beautiful red and blue sparkly ribbons and sequins. I will be able to use them for card making later on. There’s a post card of a splendidly patriotic Rosella parrot, all red and blue, a vinyl cut print by an emerging Australian artist, Tess Barker. If you scroll down on this site you can see some of her work…it is very striking.

So I opened my packages, one by one. First there was this brooch

This was made by somebody who had opened her garden to the public, and Pauleen had taken some beautiful photographs of this “open garden in the bush”. I think the brooch will go well on my Ghanaian hat which Rose, my globetrotting niece,  gave me after her trip to Ghana with Operation Raleigh.

Next I opened another flat package, which contained this sweet little embroidery of a Koala, peering over an Australian flag and clutching what I presume is a wattle:

This is the wattle, The emblem of our land; You can stick it in a bottle. Or hold it on your hand.

(See the Monty Python “Bruce” sketch here if you would like to see where that came from…it’s not particularly offensive…but it does take the p*ss out of Australians a little…so don’t watch it if you’re easily offended! And I hope I don’t offend anyone by linking to it – it’s only for the poem – honest!)

I’ve just found out that wattle is another name for Mimosa – which is abundant in the south of France too.

Paullen embroidered this dinky little picture herself:

Then came a floppy little package which contained a beautiful silk scarf, with the most colourful and cheerful cats on it. The colour combinations are so vibrant they evoke what I imagine to be the tropical colours that Pauleen sees every day. Look! Isn’t it gorgeous:

Then, I was intruiged by a rather knobbly parcel. When I opened it there was a crocodile cookie cutter! Apparently, crocodiles are one of the reasons people can’t swim in the sea off Darwin…I didn’t imagine that crocs would be a danger in the ocean as well as in the rivers. Tourists apparently love the crocs, but I guess the residents aren’t so enamoured! Here is a picture of a salt water crocodile – he looks a distinctly fearsome beast!

My cookie cutter crocodile looks much jollier!

And then, finally, there was a handy bag for carrying stuff. This had a distinct Jubilee theme, with a picture of Her Maj when she visited Papua New Guinea in 1974 – but not any photo. No, this was one Pauleen had taken herself!

The text translates from Pidgin as ” the Queen came to Goroko, Papua New Guinea, February 1974. She saw many warriors” ( “Misis Quinn” being the name given to Her Maj – Mrs Queen!)

There was also a very smart pen slipped in the envelope, with Pauleen’s blogsite address (there’s posh!) on it, and a beautiful card with one of her photographs.  I have been very lucky to receive such a brilliant parcel from a generous lady. Thank you so much, Pauleen!  Thank you to F,H&CS too, for organising the swap. I hope other people had as lovely a time as I did.

I took photos of what I sent to Pauleen, but I won’t post them yet – I don’t want to spoil the surprise…though I can’t help feeling I did better out of the deal than she did!





Rentrée Resolutions Take 3

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

This is the third time I’ve tried to post this, and the computer has eaten my previous attempts. And today I have been trying for Lord knows how long to import a “button” from another site. I’ve done it before, in the dim and distant past, but I can’t remember how. I save it to a file, I think everything is hunky-dory and This time I’ve managed it and then the file disappears from where it’s supposed to be. I think I am being more Techno-Idiot than usual. Which is saying Quite A Lot!

So, Floss, I’m sorry. I can’t get the button to load over here. But I am telling people about your lovely Book Giveaway. My blogging friend Floss, over at Troc,Broc et Recup’ is hosting a Giveaway to celebrate the return to school.

So, instead of Floss’s lovely “button” here is a picture of fresh faced children heading back to school

Here in France, and probably in other countries too, schools don’t provide the books and stationery that schools in the UK provide (or certainly used to, when I was teaching!). So the last month, the stationery aisles in the supermarkets have been manic as parents and children buy new bags, pens, pencils, paper, books…you name it, they buy it! When I was still living in the UK and coming to France for holidays I used to stock up on exercise books, which I used for my planning. They always seemed so much more stylish than the ones in WHSmith! And on Monday, children all trooped off to school, in their shiny new clothes, with their new stationery in new knapsacks, or in the cute wheeled trolleys that so many of them have now (I covet the Hello Kitty one that I saw!)

So, the beginning of a new school year is a good time to make resolutions, and Floss is encouraging us to say what ours are. For me, I think I ought to resolve to get back on the Weight Loss Wagon. I did very well from January to about May, losing a good 9 kg (18 lb) but then summer came, with long evenings of aperos, nibbles and salads (with lots of dressings and mayonnaise!) And chocklit. The glasses that I use for my wine got bigger, and the handfuls of crisps more frequent. Sigh. So, with my return to sandwich lunches, I shall try to cut down on the calorie input a little.

My other resolution is to continue with my Art/Prayer journalling. This is something I’ve only recently started: taking a verse that has been whirling around in my head, and illustrating it, with calligraphy, paint, crayon. Adding my own thoughts and words. And trying to listen to what God is saying to me as I work on it. I’ve produced two interesting pieces, that have reflected my thoughts and led me to a conversation with God. I’ve got to get over the idea that I’m trying to create “perfect” pieces of art, but rather that these are a channel for God to speak to me, and me to express to him how I’m feeling.

Floss asked us to choose two books, a “Frivolous” choice and a “Worthy” choice. I chose a novel for my frivolous choice, and have hummed and hahed between the worthy ones. I think maybe I should have plumped for The Happiness Project but I’ve left it up to Floss. As I become more menopausal (possibly TMI!) I seem to be subject to mood swings more and more, usually erring towards the ore depressed side of the arc. I need to learn to “Count my Blessings” more. It’s not a phrase I like, as it sounds a bit twee, but it is something I’m aware of, as I become crabby and unpleasant towards dear, patient Mr D. Maybe this will help me!

But I’m going to be cheerier on Saturday nights. Doctor Who is on, and Strictly starts next week. Woo-hoo!

Shiny frocks and sequins, followed by monsters and The Doctor. Perfick!

Rentrée Resolutions (Take 2)

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Oh bum!!! I’ve lost my post.

I’ll try again tomorrow.