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Gorgeous George – and Magnificent Millie

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Just look at the Babies…!!!

This is my favourite picture of George

I was like a new parent with her baby today – everything that George or Milly did I was snapping! Although it has not been absolutely agreed, I think Milly (AKA Mildred) may be coming home with us  too, although M is advertising for a home. I don’t want to get too attached to her in case she doesn’t come home with us in the end. I know George is ours, so I can love him loads!

The Bucket Beckons…

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I found out today that one of the arranged homes for one of the Kittens has fallen through. The unclaimed kitten may be drowned…Or may not, as Mr D has grumpily said that as we’ve now seen them all how could we let one be drowned? So we might be getting TWO kittens now!

I need to confirm that one may be facing the Big Splash – and see if I can find another home for it. If not, then we may be bringing home a little girl cat as well as George! I hope they don’t gang up on Pomme. That would be unfair!

George it is!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Yes, George is definitely George. 🙂

I went to see him again today. Mama and the Three Kittens have moved into Bertrand’s wardrobe, so when I picked up George and went to sit on the bed, he was out of sight of Mama. She came out of the wardrobe, jumped up beside me, glared and then firmly took George from me and took him back into the wardrobe! Then, when I went back to have another look, she deliberately hid him under her derrière. That’s one Protective Mama!

He is going to be staying with Mama until the beginning of August. He’ll be old enough to leave her round about the beginning/middle of July, but we’re going away for a fortnight at the end of July. Rather than leave a fairly young kitten on its own while we cavorted round the Waterways of the UK we decided it was better if he stayed with Mama until we got back. We’re still unsure how Pomme will take to Young George, and are considering different ways of introducing the two. So far, we’re thinking that each time we visit George we take a towel for him to sit on/be rubbed with, and then we put the towel on our lap while Pomme is there. That way each cat gets used to the scent of the other. Also, we are wondering if a first meeting on neutral territory might be a good idea too.

Agatha has won the naming competition though – as George had already been named, I offered all the P/Food related names to a friend’s son for his guinea pig (He is going into the guinea pig breeding business!) One of the Cochons d’Inde is now called Paprika.  Could you e-mail me your address, Agatha, if you wish to claim your prize, and I’ll send you your winnings. (But don’t get too excited!)

The Kittens Have Landed!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Look! Look!

There are 3 kittens there!

There is a black-and-white one, with a teeny-tiny white bit at the end of her tail.She appears to be the adventurous one, clambering all over Mama. She is gorgeous, but too much like Pumpkin. I’d be expecting too much from her. There’s a tabby who is very dinky, and a light ginger male. We are thinking the light ginger one might become Our Kitten.

Less than a day old... Aaah,bless!

So, we need to think about names. You gave some good suggestions, but we’re thinking quite seriously about Paprika. But a new off-the-wall idea came to me as I was buying a red rose for Mr D today. I was buying a red rose because it is St George’s Day today and he wants to be patriotic at his meeting tonight. So we could call the wee kitty George, as he was born on St George’s day (at 3.30 a.m.) – or Will as it’s purportedly (sp?) Will Shakespeare’s birthday.

Lunch at the Milk Bar

So what name do you Wibloggers think?

  • George
  • Paprika
  • Will
  • Pugsley

Or can you suggest any others?

It's time for Mama to eat now!

The Kittens Hangeth Around Inside Maman

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Having been promised that contractions had started there is still no sign of said Kittens.

So here are a few for now. Cute Kitten here and here. Aaah…


Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Mr D found a cable that worked and so I have downloaded my photos from the camera to the pooter.

So here’s a quick whiz through some of the Events of the past 6 months or so…

This was the chateau that Mr D and I went to to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Friends bought us a voucher for a meal there and we used some birthday money to stay overnight. It was a delicious meal (I don’t think I’ve quoted the menu. Apologies if I have):

  • Radis Noir en chutney de pomme verte, tranche de Saumon Ă  la plancha, vinaigrette Ă©picĂ©e en gelĂ©e, petit bonbon de poisson cru.
  • PavĂ© de cabaillaud au sel fumĂ© et snackĂ©, Ă©tuvĂ©e de lentilles aux joues de porc confites raz-el-hanout, lard virtuel.
  • Magret de canard cuit sur sa peau et taillĂ© en aiguillette, Coing tout en contraste, pastilla de cuisse au genièvre, jus vinaigrĂ©
  • Le fromage
  • Biscuit spĂ©culoos, compote tremblotante de cassis, pomme caramĂ©lisĂ©e comme une crème brulĂ©e, sorbet dĂ©structurĂ©.
  • Nuage de Moka ou infusion, sucreries pour les gourmandes et les gourmands.

It was fab.

Lie on your side, Folks!

This was from our trip to Lyon for la Fete de la Lumière – the weekend of 8th December. It is an amazing day out – there are light installations all over the city, plus a Christmas Market. This year there were fireworks as well. We had a good day, though not as satisfactory as other years. Here’s a view of the city from FourviĂ©res, where there is a splendidly OTT (in my Protestant opinion!) basilica to the Virgin.  Plus another light installation

OK, what’s next?This was a walk around the village in the snow. Here’s a view of our chateau – this is where there’s the little craft shop where my cards are on display. The clouds were getting a bit ominous by now! And this is the caravan for the Municipal Goats! The Council have denied that it cost the reported 5,000€. But it looks very cosy with it’s verandah and window! And here is a not-very-good photo of said Municipal Goats (or maybe these are Municipal Sheep) having a tasty snack:Next, we have cold cows, on another snowy walk. I remember this walk – I was the first along the forest track, apart from deer/rabbits/wild boar and I could see their tracks. It was splendid (even when I lost my keys when they fell out of the bib pocket of my saloppettes when I went for an al-fresco pee! I found them after 10 minutes frantic searching!)

The pictures keep not being next to their explanations. I’ve tried editing twice. If it doesn’t work this time, tant pis, you’ll have to work it out for yourselves!

And here are the Poor Cats tucking into their dinners:

This is Tiny Lil looking a little pathetic, poor love.

I’m not sure who this is – either Tiny Lil, or maybe Baby. It could be Will (named after a friend of ours. )

And here’s Pomme, our cat, sniffing my knees after I’d been to the Poor Cats. She always checks up to see which cat(s) I smell of today. In the background you can see our sitting room. Not very tidy, comme d’habitude!)

And finally, a couple of pictures of our hens:

Here you can see Raoul, the cockerel, Cou-Nou (French for “Naked Neck”) and I think it’s Tikka (She’s the black one. And yes, we have another black hen called Masala.)

This is Pinkie (or is she Rosie? I think her name is Pinkie, but for some reason I get her mixed up with the other chicken we used to have. Which was called Rosie. Or was it Pinkie? Anyhoo, I always thought this hen looked like a Rosie.) Sadly Pinkie/Rosie died on Wednesday. It was a natural death, which saved her from Death By Shovel which would have happened if she’d not died before G’s neighbour got home. None of us (the four who share the chickens) can bring ourselves to kill the hens, so we have to bring in an executioner when they’re on the way out. We don’t know what she died of, but she was very unhappy at the end…So, as they say, “It was a Happy Release”.

So there you go. Lots of piccies. Now another 6 month wait before the next lot!!!

The Pigeons were Safe

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

To give Ian some peace of mind: The Pigeons were on the other side of the glass.

A Cat Food called Ron

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

A special Hello to Ian & Agatha who have been discussing French cat noises – last post Ian asked about the noises a cat made in France. I wrote a post replying, but – because I was in a hurry – I messed up the quoting tool and the whole post was a mess. So I deleted it. Agatha’s already mentioned the ronn-ronning, but here (hopefully tidied up a bit!) is the post I was going to post earlier in the week…

Oh…I go to find the draft and I find I’ve deleted it!!! I really am not very good at this Techno-lark, am I? It’s a good job Mr D is my Very Own IT Technician!

So, to recap: To me, French meeowing and meeping sounds just like English meeows and meeps, but my on-line French dictionary says (and this is where I messed up last time. Let’s see if I can do any better this time round…):

meow‘ found in these entries:


meow: WordReference English-French Dictionary © 2010

meow (cats’ sound) miaulement nm
meow (like cat) miauler v
meow (cats’ sound) miaulement nm

Agatha’s mentioned “ron-ron” which is the French “purr”. We refer to the dictionary again:



Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:


  1. noun (of cat, engine) ronronnement m.
  1. intransitive verb (cat, engine) ronronner.
So it appears that Parisian cats might be understood by the more provincial felines, but whether they would understand the local patois I don’t know. I suspect the Parisian cats might be a little supercilious and look down their whiskers at the locals. But maybe I’m stereotyping here!
The reason I mention cat food in the title is that there used to be a French cat food called Ron-Ron. Manda*, our cat when we lived in Milton Keynes, used to really like this cat food, so whenever we came back from holiday we would bring her some as a present…
“So, Dormouse, what souvenirs did you bring back from France?”
“A bottle of wine and ten tins of cat food…”
Sadly, Ron-Ron no longer appears to exist – globalization has even taken over the pet food world, with Sheba, Felix, Whiskas and Go-Cat/Friskies being the main choices available.
*Manda lived to a ripe old age of 19 1/2 despite beiong diabetic for the last 5 years of her life, and neding 2 insulin injections a day. She was a beautiful “calico” cat.
OK. Let’s see if I’ve messed up the quotes this time! Press “Publish”, Dormouse!

Poor Cats

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I’ve mentioned before that I feed the “Poor Cats” of the village. It started when we had the really cold weather and I felt sorry for the group of cats that appear to hang out around the Post Office. I now feed them pasta and some cheap cat food every day. Often their meal includes remains from Pomme’s dinner, or some grated cheese, or some bits from our plates. Today they had a tin of tuna cat food mixed in – it was an absolute success! They went wild for it, each cat hunched over its plate (I use 7 or 8 different plates, so that the more timid cats don’t have to worry) and scarfing the food like there was no tomorrow. Then , when the quick eaters had finished and started prowling round for extras, there was quite a bit of hissing and paw-lashing.

There’s another woman who arrives sometimes to feed them as well, so they’re probably doing reasonably well. I don’t know where they all sleep though.

When I go to feed them I call ‘Minou! Minou!” (French for “Puss!”) and often four or five come running to meet me. Others start congregating at the side of the Post Office, with a chorus of mews and meeps. I have taken a few photos, but the cable to download them onto the PC is playing up, so you’ll have to wait. But we have:

Tiny Lil, Baby and Tabs – these are three tabby cats, all quite young. It’s very hard telling them apart, but I think Tiny Lil is the most timid, who will often hang back and doesn’t always get any food. Baby gets quite possessive of his/her food, and is usually the last to finish, as s/he cleans up everyone’s leftovers. Tiny Lil will sometimes come quite close to me, but shoots off if I look at her for too long.

Jetty and Tilly – two black cats, named after two black cats belonging to my mum’s neighbour. They are timid too, and scoot about like two shadows.

Ginger Pudding – he’s an enormous fat ginger cat. I don’t think he’s really a stray – his long fur is too tidy and clean. And he’s too well fed. I only give him a little food and shoo him away when he tries to muscle in on the other plates.

Minou and Minette are two grey-tabby-&-white cats. Minou is shyer than Minette, but has started rubbing him/herself against me when I arrive. Minette is very friendly and although s/he loves his/her food, s/he also enjoys a stroke and a scratch.


Back to school today. It was okay, I suppose. I have learned that L., the rather disturbed young man in the class, is not being quite as helpful as I had hoped. One of the other students has told the son of a friend that, when I’m struggling for a word in French, which L helpfully supplies,  he is, in fact, supplying me with a rude word rather than the word I’m searching for. Ho, ho. What jolly japes. Still, maybe this should encourage me to learn more French!

I have finally got round to writing the dates for the terms in my diary. Imagine my horror when I discovered that, because we had a 2-week half term in February (so tout le monde could go ski-ing) there’s no half term in May. We have a 10 week term, no break. Usually there would be at least a few Bank holidays in May (both 1st and 8th) but in France, if the Bank Holiday falls on a Saturday, then it’s tant pis – You don’t get another day off instead. And guess what! They’re both on Saturday this year. The only saving grace is that we finish on 3rd July rather than struggling on for another 2 weeks like our English compatriots.


I wish I could write thoughtful comments, or describe my spiritual journey, or make pithy observations about the World. But somehow I don’t do that kind of thing very well. So you get me bimbling on about stray cats and school. Sorry!

Oh! I forgot!

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Happy Dance! Huzzah!

I received this e-mail from Martine:

Chère Alison,

Aujourd’hui, je peux tĂ©moigner que notre chatte a un ami, et qu’elle a Ă©tĂ© fĂ©condĂ©e. Si ! Si !

Nous allons attendre donc 60 jours pour la naissance, si tout va bien, ce qui nous amène au SAMEDI 17 AVRIL.


Today I witnessed that our cat has a friend and that she was impregnated. Yes! Yes!

Therefore, we will wait 60 days for the birth,which,  if everything goes well, will be on Saturday 17th April.

🙂 Watch This Space! (Well, not this space, as there’s likely to be several posts in between, but you know what I mean!)

sorry, I’ve got myself this big gappy thing and I don’t know how to get rid of it…so I’ll type in it instead! That’s what I get for trying to add things into my post that don’t want to be added.