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Less is More Take 2

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Oh, golly gosh! Aren’t I having fun zentangling! I have almost completed another A4 page zentangle, which, when I get started, I have found difficult to stop doing…”Just one more section” I say to myself, and 20 minutes later I surface to realise I should have started cooking dinner, or that I have missed an appointment (actually, I’ve never missed an appointment – but I have only just remembered one or two!)

Here is a detail from another “Thank You” card – this one using a little bit of colour. I actually think the green is a bit dark, and I might experiment using lighter or brighter colours next time.


And here is the card itself. I think I prefer this one to my other LiM card – the zentangling is a bit neater, I think, and I like the colour; even though it doesn’t have much “zing” about it, I think it adds another dimension.


Less Is More N° 145

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

This week’s challenge is a one layer card, with the theme of a Thank You card… and as soon as I saw the theme I knew what I wanted to do. I have been very taken with Zentangling recently. This is a type of doodle that I have been doing on and off for years – I used to do it during rehearsals when I did amateur dramatics…I have a script which I doodled (or, as I have now discovered, “zentangled” !) over the entire cover of. It was a script for “Ophelia” by Bryony Lavery, I think…


I was in a really b-o-r-i-n-g and tedious AGM this morning, so I started zentangling in my notebook. At the end the woman who had been sitting next to me asked if she could see it, and another woman asked if she could have the page! One said she would like it as a picture on her wall, and others suggested I put some zentangles on cards to sell…Well, I had been thinking about it!


Recently, zentangling has become “officialised”, if you like, with named patterns, and clubs, and entire blogs dedicated to zentangling, and even teachers taking courses in zentangling. And for all these years, I thought I was just doodling!


Since my “Opening Doors” course in September, Ange has been encouraging us to try to take time for ourselves, to do something we enjoy, to take a moment to breath. I find that zentangling really helps me to relax, to empty my mind and to concentrate on something while also being concentrated on myself. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I don’t…but I have found this a brilliant way to spend time for myself and with myself.


Here are two of my designs:





Sorry they’re such rubbish photos – if you click on them you can see them better, & they look better too!! Here’s a close up of the circles:




I knew I wanted to send a Thank You card to Ange – I need to send her a cheque (it’s coming, Ange, honestly!) – and as the zentangles have featured so heavily in my Opening Doors time, I thought zentangling was the right thing to do.


One of the inspiration cards by Chrissie also featured zentangling – and I thought I was being so original! – but no matter, here is my effort (another bad photo…I really need to improve!):






What do you think?


Less Is More N°144 (Take 2)

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Not liking my first effort, I tried another:


The little owl is sitting on a branch, surrounded by silvery stars.


The sentiment is a play on words, as “chouette” means “owl” but it also means “sweet/cuddly/cute”. Sothe basic sense is “You are too cute for words”


In fact, I recently found out that there are two French words for “owl”. This one, chouette, refers to owls without visible ears, such as this beautiful barn owl


or the dinky little owl

Whereas the Scops owl (isn’t he fab?!)

or the Eagle owl:

both of whom have visible ears, are known as “hiboux


Less is More Challenge N°144

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

I suppose I should really save this post until tomorrow, so that I have something ready for Mags’ Post-Every-Day-In-November challenge…but having made the cards for the Less is More challenge I want to show them off! (Not that I like them that much!)


It was a tricky challenge this week – “Dark background with a Splash of Colour”. There was this inspiration photo too:

bigpreview_Fireworks Heart

but I was devoid of inspiration. Still I sorted through my bits and bobs, and found the shiny copper leaves my SiL sent as part of my wonderful birthday crafty stash…I knew I had a bit of copper water colour paint left, so I created this:


It’s a bit smudgy, as I forgot to let the paint dry (d’oh!) before turning it over. That necessitated the addition of the sentiment


(Roughly translated as “Happiness always”) which I found already written in my box of stuff. You can hardly see the mess, she says hopefully!


It’s alright…but not great. So I tried No 2.

Less Is More N° 143 Take 2

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

And here is my other card that I made for the “String or Twine” challenge.


This one uses some pom-pom string that came with a Christmas present last year…


I don’t know if you can see but the tag has a gold star embossed onto it. The sentiment is hand-written. I’m a bit disappointed in the pen I used – it wasn’t cheap, but for all it is claimed to be a gold calligraphy pen it is more yellow with a squidgey nib that doesn’t give much scope for calligraphy. Grr.

Less is More N° 143

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

I haven’t been crafting for a while: busy days and lack of crafting mo-jo have taken their toll. I’m not really sure I’ve got it back – I really haven’t felt at all inspired. I’ve tried various designs, but nothing has made me go Yay! For the last couple of LiM challenges I’ve not really had any equipment that I could use either…and I received a tree stamp for my birthday just too late to use it for last week’s challenge!

Still, the LiM Challenge this week is “twine or string”. I have that in spades. So here is effort number 1:

IMG_1770 IMG_1772

My blog site is being snippy about editing photos – whenever I try to rotate them a big black block takes over…so I photographed the full card landscape – which means you can’t see it very well. Sorry!


I used a couple of stamps that were a free set a couple of years back. The card stock was reduced from Noz, and the bakers’ twine was from Casa. It was a bloomin’ sight cheaper there than in craft shops, I have to say! The button is a replacement button that came with a cardigan I bought from Primark in the summer – let’s hope I don’t lose one from the cardigan now!!


I’m going to give this card to a friend whose birthday is tomorrow. She made the bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding dress for her daughter’s wedding in the summer, so this seems appropriate!!

Less is More N° 136: Colour Challenge

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

The Challenge this week at Less is More is to use the colours Rust and Dark Green . These are lovely colours together, and there was a very dramatic picture to inspire us.


I went for a simple design:



As usual, it’s not a great photo – everything looks a bit skew-wiff which it isn’t (for a change!) but I quite like what I’ve made. I used a little flower cutter, from Artemio, with two shades of paper from my ScrapStore. There’s a tiny bit of bling in the centre of each flower, and the sentiment is handwritten.


Do go and look at some of the other lovely creations that have been made.


And if you are a cat lover, please read my previous post Cats Need You.

cat z

Less is More N° 135

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Another challenge from the Less Is More team: this week it is stamping and watercolour. As usual, I have to ignore the beautiful creations from other people, and work on my own card. And I have actually produced one I really like!



The stamping isn’t very clear or precise – I still need to work on my technique! But I am pleased with the actual idea.


I used watercolours to paint the background, and then a sweet little set of stamps by Artemio, in Versacraft inks. The spots that you can see are little silver stars. I think I imagine the bird to be a nightingale, serenading the stars. The sentiment is (rather obviously, I fear!) hand written.


It’s not brilliantly executed, but I like it.



Less is More N° 134 Take 2

Friday, August 30th, 2013

So I didn’t like my first card that much.

In annoyance, I tried to make a much less pink card. So I created this:


Definitely not pink!

It’s a bit smaller than the other (using an off cut of card!) with a double stamped image (I bought this stamp in Hobbycraft for £1, so I was pleased) using black and copper. I highlighted the stamens with a gold pen, and used some black-and-white striped washi tape. I wasn’t sure whether to put a border around the stamped image but decided to leave it. Again, the sentiment is hand written.


I think I prefer this one, although I’m not sure that the double stamped image doesn’t just look blurry and badly stamped!


Keep on trying, Dormouse!


Less Is More N° 134

Friday, August 30th, 2013

This challenge – which I’m just sneaking into! – is to use Washi tape. This is something quite new to me, but in a short amount of time, I’ve managed to amass a fair number of reels of the stuff. Storage is a difficulty, as you want to be able to see what you have, and somewhere I read the tip of storing your tape in jam-jars: you can see what you have, and it’s quite decorative:


Here are mine perched on my shelves. And in close up:


I’ve got quite a lot of pinks, haven’t I? And it’s not really a colour I particularly use. I think I’m going to have to start!


As usual, I am in awe of some of the wonderful, beautiful creations that people have made, and which are on show over at the Less is More site I am still fairly dull and middle-of-the-road with my card making…partly because I don’t have stuff like embossing machines and so on, but it’s not just that. I seem to lack the imagination and skill of a lot of the amazing craftspeople out there. Still, watch and learn, experiment and try: I guess that’s what I need to do.


So, as my sister in law has just moved to a new flat, I made this card:



It uses washi tape I actually bought in Ikea – it was a bubble gum pink set. I preferred all the other colours – black, turquoise, green – but all the other “word” tapes said “Open” which seemed less usable than “Love”. The stamp is from a set that was free in a magazine yonks ago, and the backing paper is from a set bought at “The Works”. The sentiment (May your new home be filled with laughter and love”) is handwritten.

It’s okay. I’m not really pleased with it, mostly because it’s so pink, I think. But it’s my first card after a long crafting break, so maybe we can’t expect miracles.