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LessIsMore – Speedy Gonzales!

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

The Less Is More Challenge this week is “The Need for Speed” – using a one layer card – very simple, no bling etc.

None of my stamps are suitable, so I used a cartoon of a snowboarder that I found and used for my nephew’s birthday some years back. He loved it then, and I think I’m quite pleased with this. I drew the little guy out, outlined it with a permanent marker and coloured it using watercolour pencils.

I tried to think of a jokey sentiment, but wasn’t feeling imaginitive, so just went for “Joyeux Anniversaire” (Happy Birthday)


I hope you like him!

Through the square window…(LiM Challenge 122)

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Inspired by the squares of windows on our front door, and the name of our house :La Maison des Etoiles  (Star House) I have created another card for this challenge. Here it is:


The beigey-orangey card was the nearest I had to brown, and the white paper behind the windows is of four different textures. Topped with 4 little gold stars, for the (slightly tarnished) gold bits on the door (and our number 6)

Less is More Challenge: My Front Door

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

This week the challenge from Less Is More is colour: my front door. I suspect there may be quite a lot of brown based cards!

I have taken a photo of my front door:

IMG_1501and here it is! (and if you knew the trouble I’ve had trying to work out how to turn the photo the right way round, I promise you’d give me a round of applause!)

As you can see the door is brown – although there are lots of windows too. I may try another card using squares as well, but for now this is my offering:IMG_1505I didn’t have any brown card to use as a background, but the stamp is done with a Tim Holtz Distress Ink “Tea Dye”, and the brown paper I used as a backing is suitably shabby – rather like our front door! The two jewels were (of course!) picked up on discount as Noz!! The handwritten sentiment reads “Friendship”

While thinking about what I could do for the challenge, I created a couple of other cards:IMG_1503This one (“In Friendship”) uses some paper I bought to create a Wedding card for a friend – which I forgot to take a photo of. Rats! It was really nice! – plus other bits and bobs bought in various places. And the following one uses a technique, which I’m sure is familiar to most crafters but which was new to me –  a stepper card. It’s quite simple, but creates quite an interesting effect.

IMG_1504I used a topper from June’s “Cardmaking & Papercraft” which was brought as a gift by a friend who came to visit, together with various embellishments – again, mostly bought on discount! It’s a little pale and wishy-washy for my personal tastes, but I think it works as a card. It’s not too over- embellished either. If there’s one thing I have learned from trying the LiM challenges it’s that I prefer  the simpler designs for cards.





Less is More Challenge N°2

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The challenge is to use two opposites on the colour wheel:


My other card used a favourite colour combination, so I decided to go with a combination that I would not use normally for another card. It is not a combination I like, and I’m not sure I’ll use it again!!


The little orange kitten looked so sad when I’d drawn him that I thought the sentiment was perfect: Without you,it is so sad. Again this is handwritten ~ I’m lucky enough to have fairly good handwriting, so I tend not to buy sentiment stamps. It does mean that my notebook full of French sentiments gathered from various places is quite precious! I don’t want to lose that!

The colour combination of orange-and-blue really isn’t my cup of tea (unlike that delicious lime/black combination a few weeks back!) but I’m glad I tried it.

I spent the morning working on the balcony ~ when we had the new door fitted, Mr D piled all the pots etc up at one end, to make it clear for the workman. On Thursday I bought several plants in the market, and this morning I tidied up the balcony. I need to buy some more compost, to plant my courgette plants, but I’ve put out three tomato plants, as well as some flowers too.  The balcony catches the sun from early morning to about three o’clock ~ I enjoy having leisurely breakfasts out there and lunch too. Cathy came down and we sat out with a long white-wine-and-elderflower-sirop spritzer before lunch. Very enjoyable!

And now I must stop crafting and get round to sending out my bills for April. Ta-ra me ducks!

Less is More Challenge N°1 Colour Wheel

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The challenge this week is to use two opposite colours from the colour wheel

basic-color-wheelThis is interesting, as there are several “opposites” here that I would not put together. Some of them, yes, for example red and green – aren’t they just the colours of Christmas?! I often use them together for Christmas cards. In fact they were my first choice for a card. I used a new set of stamps that I bought recently from a craftshop  in Clermont : I was buying stuff to make a Wedding card that a friend commissioned, and these stamps leapt into my basket and just wouldn’t get out!!!

This is the set that I bought – particularly for the lovely leafy scrolly flourish. I’ve used it a couple of times, but am still experimenting. I’m still a novice to stamping, and so if anyone has any tips do please let me know!

Here is the first card that I made for the LiM challenge:

IMG_1441As you can see I used the red-green colourway. The sentiment “Thank You a thousand times” is handwritten, and the fancy cut out is from my new border punch (I’m just about getting the hang of that too!)