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Saturday, February 9th, 2013

I think this is the third in the unimaginatively titled “Untitled…” series, indicating that I can’t think of a title for this blog post. Supply your own, if this upsets you too much!

Unfortunately the interview came to naught – or at least, so far, it’s come to naught. The email that I got said “We would be very happy if we had the opportunity to work with you in the future.We do not have anything definite to propose you at this time. However, I won’t hesitate to get in touch with you if something définite comes up.”… which seems a bit strange, as I thought I was being interviewed for specific work. Still, it’s possible that the company in Clermont wanted a particular time that I couldn’t offer, due to contracts already in place. Never mind. Hopefully they may have something to offer me in the not too distant future.

On other domestic news front, I have completed my February ATC. As I said in this post I want to try to do a bit more crafting this year. To whit, I’m creating one ATC a month. Here is February’s:


On one side, I used the quotation “If your heart is a caged bird, I have the key”


The rather splodgey flowers were made using a stencil, and embellished with sparkly flowers; the cage is cut out from some wrapping paper and the tag made from some discounted stickers bought at Noz.

On the other side, I used a picture taken from a book I bought (discounted at Noz) called “Almanach 2010” – it is very odd, but has quite a lot of old fashioned type pictures that can be cut out and used. This dancing couple seemed suitable for the month of Lurve…


I painted the woman’s dress, and added a bower of flowers (from a discounted set, from – yes, you’ve guessed it! – Noz) and some tiny shell hearts (discounted, but bought at The Works over Christmas) I added the quotation from “My Fair Lady” because, well, it seemed to fit.

I apologise for my photography. I really must learn how to take better pictures! These aren’t very embellished ATCs. Many that are shown on blogs are much more elaborate than mine. It’s partly because I don’t have the materials, but also because I prefer the more “minimalist” look…Maybe one month I’ll try to step outside of my comfort zone, and go way over the top. But not this month.

I’ve finished the cards to send off for my Grow Your Blog giveaway, as I had an unexpected afternoon off on Thursday. There was too much snow for me to drive to Roanne for my one English lesson, so I cancelled it, and spent the afternoon crafting instead. This morning’s lesson was cancelled by the student so I caught up blogging (over at Fat Dormouse, you can read that we’ve decided to try the 5:2 diet) and now I am thinking I may do some more craft stuff.

I’ve joined a French crafting site (Scrap à la Carte) which sets out various challenges through the months. Perhaps I’ll have a go at a couple of these… I’m also thinking about getting a Cuttlebug / Big Shot thingy, but I’m not sure…Firstly I don’t exactly know what they do and secondly, I don’t know how much I’d use it…

but so many card makers out there on t’interweb seem to swear by them.

There’s lots of snow here – it’s been snowing more or less non stop for two days – fairly fine snow, but it mounts up. Mr D is itching to get down to Roanne to pick up his new bike, so I think he might brave the weather this afternoon, as it is just about stopped now. As long as the gritters/snow ploughs have done their job, and as long as he’s prudent, then there shouldn’t be a problem.  I should go out for a walk, I know: after a couple of weeks inactivity (I didn’t swim this week) my sciatica is starting to trouble me again. I am stretching most mornings, but I need to do more than this. But it’s cold. And snowy. And my snowboots aren’t tha good for long walks…or quite short ones, really… And I want to stay inside in the warm with the cats and my hot water bottle!


Being Crafty

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

As I said over at Fat Dormouse I don’t “do” New Year resolutions – simply because I never keep them. But I am going to announce here that I’m planning on trying to be a bit craftier this year. Until I find a job – or at least more teaching hours – I will have a few hours spare a week, which I want to try to fill with crafting – either to sell, or to enjoy for the pleasure of doing it.

When in the UK, I went to a discount store, and bought quite a lot of crafting blingy stuff; I also bought two card making magazines that came with stamps and pretty papers. I don’t have much experience stamping, and would like to find out more, so I may try to visit some You Tube sites to see what I can discover. One of the items I bought was a set of 12 coloured luggage labels. I’ve decided to use one of these a month,  (hopefully on the 1st of each month, but that may change to the first weekend of the month) to create a sort-of ATC. I’ll store these in my SMASH journal and also blog about them…As the year goes by, maybe I’ll become more proficient, but for now, here is my effort for this month:

On this side, I’ve used two stamps, one from a free set of travel themed stamps, and the other from a set of mini stars and suns stamps. I used Color Box inks in Copper and Cranberry to stampwith, and I used Joy Crafts sparkling self adhesive ribbonon the side of the tag. The little button was free with one of the magazines, and the sentiment was something I bought a long, long time ago. It means “Happiness, Love, Health” which is something I wish everyone for 2013.

The other side is like this:

For this side, I used letters cut out of a magazine (it was tricky finding a “J”!) and the tartan ribbon that was on my Ship of Fools Secret Santa present. I thought tartan was suitable for the Hogmanay/New Year theme. The sentiment, from the same source as the other, means: “A New Year: A new start”. The embellishments were from a pack I bought in Noz – I can’t remember who they were produced by, I’m afraid – and the sticky gold ribbon (which I notice is peeling up and needs to be stuck down again) is from a set of gold peel off stickers by DD designs (I think!!)

This is the page in my journal:

this shows the pockets I’ve made, which should fit 6 of the labels in.

I look forward to showing you the others as the year progresses!

P.S. Writing down what I used made me feel like a proper craft blogger! Unfortunately, as most of my things come from Noz and are unwrapped & put into the right storage boxes as soon as I get home, I don’t always know who manufactured them! Still, it’s nice to try!

* * * * *

Thank you for your lovely comments & greetings on my last post.

Floss: I’m not sure I could be bothered with all the faff of making a Galette des Rois, though if that’s your thing, then why not? I would usually buy mine at the Boulangerie, but I was in ShCarrefour, so I bought it when I saw it. I was happy that the fève (or should that be féve?!) was a proper King, so he will be added to my crèche next year (so we’ll have a monster-donkey-with-no-ears and four Kings!)

Anna: I have passed on the love and purrs from Zoe to my Kitties. They return the compliment!

Linda: We didn’t wake to any bells or fireworks at New Year – mainly because they’re not common in France! That’s one of the blessings – November the 5th (and all the weeks leading up to it!) don’t exist here!!! The fireworks we do have are all well-regulated public displays. Huzzah!

Thank you for your greetings, Tractor Girl. I hope Milton Keynes is still treating you & Karl well.

Mij – I forget you are a Liverpool lass too. It was lovely to be back there – I know there are less-than-salubrious areas, but I do love the city. It’s one of the places I’d be happy to live  if we ever went back to the UK (though maybe to live near rather than live in!) There’s no rush with Father Ted – but it would be nice to see you anyway.

Various photos

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

First of all, let me share a picture of the birthday card I’ve made for Gilles’ birthday (see earlier post) (Click on it for a better view – my photos aren’t very good, I’m afraid!) It says “Being one year older, Gilles needed a little more help to reach the top of Mont Ventoux”. To explain, he climbed Mont Ventoux (by bike) last year, and plans on doing the same this year – only three times! –  so I thought he might need some mountain goats to help him! (I’ve just thought, a better caption might have been “By the time he was climbing Mont Ventoux for the third time, Gilles needed a little help” Oh well, too late now!

Other photos are from when Mum was here.

This is the Puy de Dome, which we were unable to ascend as they are building a railway to the summit at the moment. It should be ready for Summer 2012.

But we did climb the Puy de Pariou (as you can see, the weather was, er, a little bracing, to say the least!!!) I forget my mum is 83 next month! She was quicker than me getting up there!

We visited the picturesque village of St Jean-St Maurice, not far from here, which is on one of the routes through Le Puy En Velay to the pilgrim trail to Santiago de CompostelaHere’s a view of the tower, from which I took the previous picture, and here’s some of the stained glass in the church(sorry the photos are so rubbish!)And here’s a picture of Pomme. We were having dinner, the night mum arrived, and Pomme was quietly sitting on the chair while we ate. After the meal we sat chatting, and suddenly Pomme hopped onto the table, into the (empty) bread basket and settled down!!! Not to be outdone, when we carried Pomme (+ basket!) into the living room, George decided he wanted a piece of the Basket Action

Don’t worry, we washed and Anti-Bac-Sprayed the basket before using it again!

It’s a piece of cake…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Gilles is the owner/manager of the local mini-supermarket, Shopi. When I first met him, I was very wary of him, as he seemed a little “eccentric” to say the least! He always tried to speak English to me – very, VERY bad English! – and would corner me against the charcuterie, while attempting a conversation, of which I understood 5% at best! As we have got to know him, mostly through the Cycle Club, we have come to be good friends, and while he still tries to speak English to us, we now know that it is because he tries to speak English to everyone, regardless of whether they are French, English or Uzbekhistani! He will always greet them with a strangled “‘Ello! ‘Ow arrrrrre yoooooooo?”

He is funny, generous, and, yes, very eccentric!

It is his birthday on Saturday, and we have been invited to a restaurant with him and his girlfriend, Sylvie (who is remarkably chic and sane next to tall gangling Gilles). We wondered what to get him, and have come up with a mixed bag of goodies…a Union Jack lamp, very similar to this:

some B-D (bande dessiné) books about “Les Anglais”, and these plates, which I have decorated myself, with a Foodie/Learn-English-as-you-eat theme:

don’t spill the beans…that’s a different kettle of fish…you are as nutty as a fruitcake, and:

It’s a piece of cake…don’t cry over spilled milk…you are the best thing since sliced bread…

I’m really pleased with them! I’m thinking I may try to make some for us sometime. They were really easy to do, using a special pen, to write on porcelein, and they become dishwasher-proof after 3 days. I got the idea from this site, where Kelly wrote song lyrics on her plates. This is Kelly’s wonderful plate:

I decided to stick to a more simple layout than Kelly’s, so that it was clearer to read, but I’m certainly going to experiment with other layouts and designs. I’ve already drawn a sheep plate and will do some more to try to sell at a Craft fair next month.

What fun!

Finally…some creating! And a Giveaway!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Ooh, I’ve wanted to do a Giveaway for a while. And I’ve just discovered this is going to be my 200th post, so I’ve decided to host a Giveaway for the not-very-many people who read this blog. As you probably know, and will see below, I do enjoy creating cards and paper crafts. So for my Giveaway, I will make you a bookmark, with a quotation of your choice, and also throw in a pack of 5 of my handmade cards. I will make them without messages, but if you want, I can add a “Happy Birthday” or any other greeting of your choice. And if you’re a Vintage collector/altered art creator, and would like it, I have a 1924 copy of “Mode Practique” full of up-to-date hints about fashion, and advertisements which I will add to the Giveaway goodies. My camera battery has died, but I’ll try and remember to post some photos of the magazine when I’ve recharged the battery.

All you need do is leave me a comment. No faffing with following me/tweeting/liking on Facebook or anything else. Just say hello. Let me know I’m not speaking to myself!!! The Giveaway will close in a week’s time.

Now, if you’re my Mother In Law you may not want to read further until after your birthday. If you do, on your own head be it!






OK, so this afternoon I’ve been making cards. I made two!!! I was really lacking in inspiration for ages, and surfed various sites, but nothing really inspired me. Finally I found a picture that I’d saved from an old card, and went from there.

It’s MiL’s §§§th birthday, and so I thought I should make an effort to make a special card. Here we are:

It’s got a double fold, so inside one fold I calligraphed:

And here it is, standing up

I also made a card for Alison’s birthday on Thursday. We’re going up there for drinks on Wednesday: I’m making hummus to take. Yum.

But what I don’t understand is how on earth my desk/study got into such a mess just creating two cards!!!

..and how the heck do I manage to create anything in that mess!!!

I hope to hear from you!





I (sort of) Made It!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

All over Blogland, there are ladies – and some gents, I believe – proudly posting about their “impossibilities” made into possibilities. We chose something that we’d been putting off for weeks…months…possibly years to try to achieve by the end of January. These projects ranged from making bread through organising a basement to organising the family bookshelves (that would be a job and a half in the Dormousehold – we have books in stacks on the floor, in orange (actually pineapple) boxes made into bookshelves, double stacked on bookshelves…everywhere!) and to cross stitching a beautiful design.

I, somewhat naturally, read the initial invitation, which came from Kari, the breadmaker, over at Thistlewood Farm, wrongly – and thought we had all year to complete the challenge. As I stated in my initial post here I was going to crochet a blanket like the one Nana Disley crocheted for me many years ago

I thought I could (maybe) manage it in a year and so decided that 2012 would be the Year I Made A Blanket. Huzzah! Subsequently, I discovered that the idea of this challenge was to complete it in a month…so the blanket idea was a tad ambitious – especially as I had no idea how to crochet!!

Daunted, but game for a try, I lowered my expectations and thought I could learn to crochet. So I bought my hook and my wool and downloaded instructions from t’Internet. Hah! I couldn’t understand a word of them…I couldn’t even work out how to hold the wool, the hook and fight off the Very Bad Kittens all at the same time. I needed at least another two hands.

OK, so t’Internet is full of YouTube videos on how to crochet. I’ll use one of those, I thought. I’m better when I can see what’s happening. So I went on YouTube, and found a lovely American bloke showing me how to crochet. Although he was very patient with me, especially as I kept rewinding him, he still didn’t explain in a way I could understand, what the heck to do. He kept showing me – too quickly for me to copy – what to do, but I needed three hands – one for the hook, one for the wool and one to press “pause” at just the right time so I could see what he was doing. And the Very Bad Kittens weren’t very good at manipulating the mouse for me.

I was getting dangerously frustrated!


But then I remembered that I had a very patient friend, who crocheted. So I spent an afternoon with Margaret, chatting, drinking coffee, eating biscuits, and most important of all, LEARNING HOW TO CROCHET! In fact, while I had 10 minutes frustration at the beginning, I did soon get the hang of making a chain…and understood what the nice American bloke meant by “Juicy Loosey” (not enough tension in the wool) So we continued chatting and I happily made a 1m long chain. Then I had to learn to do something more complicated…which was OK. We decided I should go for a round doiley type thing for the first effort, which I could possibly make into a mini blanket for the cats.

So I came home, fired up and ready to go!

However, due to my incompetency, my round thing soon started to develop into a hat (I described it to one blogger as a yamulke for a squirrel) (Are squirrels kosher? I’m guessing so…) I have become a little discouraged on two counts.

1. The basic hatt-iness  of my work. Here we have the hat being worn by various top models

Here Cadbury the Camel (we bought him at CadburyWorld, hence the name) models the hat while posing on the inspiration for my original challenge.

Woburn the Bear (Yes, we bought him in Woburn, Bedfordshire…we used to live just up the road from there) dreams of winter sports while perched on a former Pannetone tin.

Pooh Bear (who used to be a monk before he became a top model*) looks out of the window at the snow, and is glad of his woolly hat. (I apologise that he looks as though he is wired up…I didn’t hide the trailing wool very well!)

* Yes, really. When I was at college, I made a habit for him out of brown felt, and he was known as Brother Pooh. There was also Sister Fluffy, another bear, but I’m not sure what happened to her. I’m not sure she was ever really comfortable in a habit – particularly as she was a he before I arbitrarily chose him/her to become a nun!


Disley the Rabbit relaxes, while wearing the hat over one ear. Disley got his name, not because he was bought in Disley, but because he was an Easter present from my brother the year we were researching our family tree. Disley is my mum’s maiden name. He’s quite a soft and cuddly rabbit, with his bottom being full of beans. (No rude comments, please)

And finally, SheepySheep wears the hat at a rakish angle. Here I think it has a slight oooh-la-la beret look about it.

My question to you is: WHO LOOKS THE BEST IN THE HAT?

2. My other reason for being discouraged is the basic impossibility of doing anything with wool during the evening, because of the inherent badness of the Very Bad Kittens.

Here is George caught red-pawed in the bathroom with my crocheting. (Note how well coordinated we are here at Dormouse Towers. The bathmats match my crocheting!!) When I tried to retrieve it, he got quite possessive and refused to let go.

This occurrs on a regular basis whenever I get out the wool – I swear he can smell it – as he comes running from whatever corner of the house he has been doing Unspeakably Bad Things in!

So, while I didn’t really realise my Impossibility, I made a start. I think I will abandon the hat, and let whichever of the top models you vote for keep it. Then I can start again on the round cat-blanket, taking a little more care about which hole I dig my crochet hook into (it was rather arbitrary) and about where and when I add some stitches to the circle (again, that was rather arbitrary. “Have I added a stitch? No? Can’t remember…Well, let’s wait and see…”)

It has been great fun being part of the Impossible people though, and I urge you to visit the five organisers, who have been doing great things, and from there to link to others who have been challenging themselves (with, I must say, more success than I) to Imagine Impossibilities!

The Cottage Market  Andrea reorganised her craft room beautifully

It All Started With Paint Linda painted a vaulted ceiling (without a ladder!) a lovely light blue.

Eclectically Vintage Kelly was the one who tackled her basement (which looks enormous!). I think we need her to visit Dormouse Towers to reorganise our cellar. We have to fit our old fridge freezer down there and it is a dimly lit grotto of fear at the moment!

The Space Between Kara lives in rented accommodation, and can’t screw stuff into her walls. Somehow she made a wonderful gallery of art work, hanging, unbelievably from just one screw.

A Sort of Fairy Tale Stacey created a fab tote bag, from,I believe, a large tea towel. Very impressive!

Thistlewood Farm and Kari, who tackles the most daunting decorating projects with aplomb, met her impossibility with making bread for the first time. Her photos of the finished loaf were quite mouthwatering!

Although I didn’t quite manage to make my blanket, and although my first foray into the world of crochet resulted in nothing more than a yamulke for a squirrel, I think I can just about award myself the “Badge of Honour”. I did learn the rudiments of crocheting and if I can find some way of corralling the Very Bad Kittens, I will continue to crochet. Maybe by the end of the year I will have fully “imagined my impossibility” – but (hush!)I doubt it!


Imagine the Impossibilities update

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Look!Look! Maybe I can begin to imagine it’s not so impossible after all!

After three and a half hours spent with my (very patient) friend Margaret, I have produced a useful 1m25cm long chain of crochet (George was quite interested in it last night) and a small, wobbly, not-quite-symmetrical disc of crochet (7cm in diameter at its widest point, 6 cm at its narrowest!) I think I chained a stitch when I should have just carried on going round, which has led to its not quite circular shape. I’m also not quite confident about some of the holes that I’m pushing my hook through – whether it is the right hole or not. (For those who are Real Crocheters I suspect there is a more technical term than “hole”. But it does me for now!) And if it’s not the right “hole” then I may inadvertently be adding an extra row to my disc.

HOWEVER, I vaguely know what I’m doing and intend to carry on going round and round in circles (“I don’t think you’re quite ready for corners yet,” sighed Margaret) for a while. This first effort is destined to be a cat blanket. When I’ve mastered the going-round-and-round I may be ready for corners!!

The Very Bad Kitten, George, may be a disruptive influence to this craftwork however. I got home from Ray and Margaret’s, proudly showed Mr D what I had done, stored my efforts back in its little plastic bag, put the bag on the coffee table and went to cook dinner. Within minutes George had stolen the plastic bag, and raced upstairs, trailing wool and clinking (crochet hooks) and rustling (plastic bag) He refused to let go until cornered. Then later on, as I was crocheting at the slowest speed known to man, suddenly a small, marmalade, furry creature leapt onto my lap, seized the disc in his mouth and made a swift getaway. It was only the fact that his paws got tangled in the wool that prevented George from making off with the crocheting again! During the evening, he did continue to mount commando raids from various angles, but I’d got wise to it by then, and managed to repulse all attacks! Sigh.

I’m still imagining!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

So, people are working hard with their projects, clearing basements, learning to bake bread, painting bedrooms…all with the aim of finishing by 31st January.

What have I done towards my “impossibilty” of learning to crochet a beautiful blanket?

I’ve bought the wool and a crochet hook! Every time I look online for instructions I get freaked out by the myriad of notes about how to hold the wool, how to tie a slipknot, etc etc.

Still…every journey begins with a single step. Every crocheted blanket starts with a single slipknot. Let’s see how we get on…



…but I’ll just procrastinate a bit longer, and tidy my desk!


Wrist duly slapped.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I have had my wrist slapped by Mr. D.

“I keep looking at your blog to find out what we’ve been doing,” he said. “But you’ve not written anything.”

Yes, well, partly because we’ve not really done very much!

As I said in my last post, I think, life pootles on and not much happens. My sister and her husband stayed with us for a couple of days on their way to Italy. And then again on their way back. We ate out rather too much.  I felt very full for several days after they’d left! Michel across the road gave us a big box of peches de vigne so Judy and I spent one morning making peach jam (which has gone very stiff), peach chutney and peaches preserved in peach brandy. Then on their return, they brought a box of tomatoes from the farm where they were staying, so I’ve made tomato sauce, and used the tomatoes in my cooking. There are still one or two left (they’re beginning to look a bit wrinkled and worse-for-wear, so I need to do something with them. I’m thinking a tomato soup might be in order for tomorrow’s lunch, perhaps…)

We helped at our friends’ cider making again – this is an annual event which is fun. They have an ancient cider press, and Mr D enjoys showing his brute force turning the handle. We turned down the offer of some of the apple juice in the hope of getting some of it at a later date when it’s fermented! This year has been a great year for apples so hopefully it will be good cider when it’s made. The juice was certainly good.

I have made loads – and loads – of Christmas cards. I plan on having a stall at the St Germain Laval early Christmas Market. Last year I was placed next to a stall selling cards at a lot less than mine were selling for – and selling a lot more cards. So this year I’ve made a lot of much simpler designs, and I’m not bothering to encase them in plastic wrap. Using a lot of things I bought cheaply, mostly from Noz (card/envelope sets, ribbons, sparkly bits, stick-ons etc) or from Casa (shiny beads and ribbons), and also using old Christmas cards from last year, plus the card that I snatched out of the bin at Michelin some time back, I have been able to make cards that have turned out to cost me not much more than 30 or 40 cents to make. I think the best buy were packets of gift tags at 30 cents for 8 – these are lovely and shiny. Stuck onto card, with a few sequinny snowflakes or stars and some calligraphy, they make a very cheap but attractive card. If I can sell them, as I’m thinking of doing,  for 1,50€ each or three for 4€  I should make a tidy profit. I’ve also done more  “Bonnes Fetes de Fin d’Année” cards , which seems to be the tradition here in France, rather than Joyeux Noel . I’ve got some stock left over from last year too which I’m going to try to sell.

this one uses a gift tag. I made 8 of these for about 20cents each

This is another one using a gift tag plus some Indian craft paper

I’ve also decorated and plastificated (is that a proper word, I wonder?) some notebooks and address books:

What else? I’ve done a little cycling – a long ride with the club, of 43 km, which nearly killed me (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea!) plus another quite hard ride by myself. That was shorter, but there was a tough uphill in it. Doing it by myself meant I could do 500m at a time then stop for a rest, which is my way of getting up hills. Mr D thinks this is not a good way, and that one should find one’s rhythm and just keep lugging away. I can do that now on shallow climbs, but not this one. It’s too steep: my lungs and legs won’t let me just keep plugging away. I should do more cycling, but I am definitely a reluctant cyclist.

My sister and her husband gave me 50€ towards the Challenge, so I am so very nearly there now! As another friend has promised to make up the sum to 1,000€ I think we can safely say that not only did I cycle my 1,000 km but I raised my 1,000€ too!  The news on Richard’s trial is a bit – well, I’m not too sure what!  He has said that he hopes that the election of a new President, who has announced a zero tolerance attitude towards corruption, might work in his favour. I can’t really say much more,  but do ask for your continuing prayers for Richard’s situation.

So there you are. Not much going on, but I’ve caught up with you. Apologies if you’ve been returning & re-returning with the hope of a new blog post to read (that seems unlikely, but you never know…). Please don’t give up on me! I am already planning a post for Toussaint, which is tomorrow.



Happy, dancing Dormouse

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I am a happy Dormouse on two counts today. Number 1 is that last week I received a little package from the workshop of Susan Faye at 365catladies I won her “Giveaway” of some stickers to go on the back of leters (D’oh! I’ve just realised I sent a letter to mum today and forgot to put a sticker on the back!) I love Susan’s work – so whimsical and cat-based. I’d love to have one of her custom pieces, with George, Milly and Pomme – and maybe a little “angelic” Pumpkin as well. Maybe when we feel a little bit richer! So a big thank you to Susan for my gift. I love it!

The second reason I’m feeling happy is due to the generosity of the Cyclo Club. They collected money for my cycle challenge, and came up with the princely sum of 208€ for me. That is so fantastic! I will really have to bake more cakes in gratitude. I’ve not done a count up recently, but certainly with this donation, I’m coming close to 600€, and maybe even more. I really must do a proper calculation sometime soon, but for now a huge big dancing Thank YOU! goes to Les Cyclos de St Just En Chevalet.

Having shown you some of my creations yesterday I thought I’d show you the mess in which they were created.

(Don’t forget you can click on the photos to get the full glory of the mess that is my study. These just show you half of the chaos!)

Every time I say “I’ll put things away between each card” and I never do! The piles on the desk get bigger and I spend time searching for pens/knives/glue etc under the piles of paper etc! Still, somehow I manage to keep creating – although I hate tidying away after myself.