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Domestic Goddess (Part 2)

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Someone at church pressed a bag full of quinces onto me. Unsure as to what to do I searched t’internet and came across several appealing sites/Blogs which included interesting recipes. So yesterday (when, if I’m truthful, I’d rather have been sitting wrapped up in a blanket reading my book ) I made braised quinces – which are OK when served with cinnamon sugar and Greek yoghurt – and Quince and Apple jam. Which again is OK, but a bit too sweet for my taste. I’m not sure whether I’m a fan of the whole “Quince Experience” but it is interesting to try these things. I suspect most pots of the jam will become Christmas presents, particularly as we’re trying to be frugal (mean?) over Christmas presents, having had a nasty surprise from the Bank.*

I’ve knitted several scarves for the girls in the family (3 step-nieces and 2 nieces) but am at a loss what to make for the nephews. I don’t think of them as scarf wearers. We shall see. Several suggestions on SoF, including Vodka shots…I know they drink, (I occasionally look at their FaceBook pages) but I’m not sure I wish to encourage it. Goodness, that sounds a bit prissy!

*But huzzah! We now know why the nasty shock happened. A post dated cheque (for 25th October)for a VERY Large Amount of Money somehow got cashed on 5th October. Leaving us with an overdraft of a Very Large Amount of Money. Sorted now, and we’re glad to know someone’s not illegally siphoning off our meagre resources. But we do need to still be frugal, especially if we’re heading UK-wards at Christmas.