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Les Restos du Coeur

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Les Restos du Coeur are an organisation that provides meals for the homeless or for people on very low incomes. You can read more about it (in French) here.

In March Carrefour & Danone are holding a grand day of donations. If people publicise it on their blog, each mention on a different blog equals 10 meals donated by Carrefour/Danone. Thus I am publicising it. As I’ve got a bit of a problem inserting pictures at the moment (but the Wonderful Mr Chris is going to try to sort it out sometime) I can’t add a logo, but you can find out more about how to get involved (in French) here.

So I’m publicising it, and hopefully (if I follow all the other steps correctly) adding another 10 meals to the pot. Can you guys possibly do the same?


On another note: it’s raining here, but Mr D is hoping that a few more metres up in the mountains it’s snowing. He’s gone skiing with friends & their friends. Me? *sigh* I’m going to work in about half an hour…But don’t feel too sorry for me. I am not, in any shape or form, a skiier. 🙂

I’m British. Of course I’m going to talk about the weather.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

The weather is really at sixes and sevens at the moment. Last week it was cold and rained almost continually. And then on Wednesday evening (yes, 5th May) it snowed. A lot. So much so that I had to rush onto the balcony and bring in my troughs of lettuces, herbs, geraniums and my mini rose bush. Everything has survived, except the basil, although the geraniums are looking a bit pinched and wan.

I went for a walk on Thursday – here are the photos:

Not just snow, but 8 cm of snow!


Some very confused trees!

and, OK, I was up quite high – about 900 m but all the same…!

Over the weekend it warmed up a little, but it stayed  grey and mizzly. I regretted putting away my winter clothes. I’d’ve got more fleeces out again, but it’s a bit of a faff pulling out the boxes where I’ve packed everything. So I’m stuck with two fleeces and a cardigan. They are getting well worn!

Then yesterday it started off grey here in the mountains, so when I went to Clermont I wore long sleeved T-shirt, fleece and outer fleece. By the time I went for a walk in the aternoon I was rolling up my T-shirt sleeves and putting on sun creme. It was really pleasantly warm. I forgot to take the camera, which is a shame, as it was a lovely walk – a little moist, due to the recent wetness, but everything was looking clean, newly washed and glad to be alive. As was I.

And today? Back to grey and wet. I’m in the study with a hot water bottle!

We hope it will perk up soon, weather wise. We have a party planned to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We’ve invited round about 60 people. If we can’t spill out into the courtyard a little then it could get quite squashed! Mr D is going to make a mixed tape (well, i-pod play list) of songs from the 80s, when we married, and we’re going to make a montage (if I get round to it) of photos from the wedding and from the years afterwards. Mr D was talking about repainting the “sejour” (our big downstairs room – it takes up the whole of the ground floor.) before the party but I’m thinking that idea is slowly disappearing. We can decorate it with balloons and banners and flowers. That will be fine. (You can tell how much I love DIY, can’t you!?)


News on the Kitten front. George is doing well – he looks as though his ears may be a bit Scottish-fold-like. This looks quite George-like. Maybe not so folded over, but quite a bit.

The tabby has been saved from The Bucket. If M can’t find anyone through the small ads, Mr D has reluctantly agreed we’ll take her. The irony is that the Mother of the FiancĂ©e of the Son of M wanted George, but we had been given first dibs and chosen him. If M had told us, we’d’ve happily taken the tabby and then the MotFotSoM could have had the Kitten she wanted without any problems. But M was concerned to be “fair” and as we’d had first dibs she wanted to make sure we had the Kit we’d chosen. And M is adamant that she won’t let us swop cats (I’m not sure I could now, anyway) because that would make the FotSoM think she could get what she wanted by having a bit of a tantrum (which she reportedly had when told we’d already chosen George) Still. We may end up with two now. I’m happy. Mr D is unsure. And Pomme doesn’t know what’s coming.

Here's Pomme, not knowing what's coming.


Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Mr D found a cable that worked and so I have downloaded my photos from the camera to the pooter.

So here’s a quick whiz through some of the Events of the past 6 months or so…

This was the chateau that Mr D and I went to to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Friends bought us a voucher for a meal there and we used some birthday money to stay overnight. It was a delicious meal (I don’t think I’ve quoted the menu. Apologies if I have):

  • Radis Noir en chutney de pomme verte, tranche de Saumon Ă  la plancha, vinaigrette Ă©picĂ©e en gelĂ©e, petit bonbon de poisson cru.
  • PavĂ© de cabaillaud au sel fumĂ© et snackĂ©, Ă©tuvĂ©e de lentilles aux joues de porc confites raz-el-hanout, lard virtuel.
  • Magret de canard cuit sur sa peau et taillĂ© en aiguillette, Coing tout en contraste, pastilla de cuisse au genièvre, jus vinaigrĂ©
  • Le fromage
  • Biscuit spĂ©culoos, compote tremblotante de cassis, pomme caramĂ©lisĂ©e comme une crème brulĂ©e, sorbet dĂ©structurĂ©.
  • Nuage de Moka ou infusion, sucreries pour les gourmandes et les gourmands.

It was fab.

Lie on your side, Folks!

This was from our trip to Lyon for la Fete de la Lumière – the weekend of 8th December. It is an amazing day out – there are light installations all over the city, plus a Christmas Market. This year there were fireworks as well. We had a good day, though not as satisfactory as other years. Here’s a view of the city from FourviĂ©res, where there is a splendidly OTT (in my Protestant opinion!) basilica to the Virgin.  Plus another light installation

OK, what’s next?This was a walk around the village in the snow. Here’s a view of our chateau – this is where there’s the little craft shop where my cards are on display. The clouds were getting a bit ominous by now! And this is the caravan for the Municipal Goats! The Council have denied that it cost the reported 5,000€. But it looks very cosy with it’s verandah and window! And here is a not-very-good photo of said Municipal Goats (or maybe these are Municipal Sheep) having a tasty snack:Next, we have cold cows, on another snowy walk. I remember this walk – I was the first along the forest track, apart from deer/rabbits/wild boar and I could see their tracks. It was splendid (even when I lost my keys when they fell out of the bib pocket of my saloppettes when I went for an al-fresco pee! I found them after 10 minutes frantic searching!)

The pictures keep not being next to their explanations. I’ve tried editing twice. If it doesn’t work this time, tant pis, you’ll have to work it out for yourselves!

And here are the Poor Cats tucking into their dinners:

This is Tiny Lil looking a little pathetic, poor love.

I’m not sure who this is – either Tiny Lil, or maybe Baby. It could be Will (named after a friend of ours. )

And here’s Pomme, our cat, sniffing my knees after I’d been to the Poor Cats. She always checks up to see which cat(s) I smell of today. In the background you can see our sitting room. Not very tidy, comme d’habitude!)

And finally, a couple of pictures of our hens:

Here you can see Raoul, the cockerel, Cou-Nou (French for “Naked Neck”) and I think it’s Tikka (She’s the black one. And yes, we have another black hen called Masala.)

This is Pinkie (or is she Rosie? I think her name is Pinkie, but for some reason I get her mixed up with the other chicken we used to have. Which was called Rosie. Or was it Pinkie? Anyhoo, I always thought this hen looked like a Rosie.) Sadly Pinkie/Rosie died on Wednesday. It was a natural death, which saved her from Death By Shovel which would have happened if she’d not died before G’s neighbour got home. None of us (the four who share the chickens) can bring ourselves to kill the hens, so we have to bring in an executioner when they’re on the way out. We don’t know what she died of, but she was very unhappy at the end…So, as they say, “It was a Happy Release”.

So there you go. Lots of piccies. Now another 6 month wait before the next lot!!!

Catching Up

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I wrote a letter to mum last week and ran out of news to tell her halfway down the first page! The most exciting thing was that I had cooked oxtail for the first time ever – and it was quite nice! It’s practically the same here…not much to say.

save that we had an enjoyable weekend, sharing cakes and tobogganing with friends. I didn’t do much of the sliding down hills. I think I’m too much of a wimp. It was all a bit fast for me, going down the hill on a bit of plastic sheeting. And I felt so ungainly! Everyone else seemed to manage with great aplomb; meanwhile I slip and slide like a newly born giraffe on sheet ice. All I could do was laugh at myself loudly before anyone else did.  Still, the cakes and hot chocolate afterwards was convivial.

I meant to take the camera but, yet again (heavy sigh directed at self) I forgot to take it with me.

I am longing for a new cat. Pomme is very much Mr D’s cat. She’ll sometimes come and sit on me, but not very often. I feel very left out!!! I’ve looked on t’internet for cats, but Mr D says he’s dubious about getting a cat over the internet (?!) So we’re waiting for friends’ cats to become pregnant. I’ve looked at adopting from a refuge, but the cost, quite frankly, is prohibitive. I know that the SPA needs to cover costs, and also need to ensure the cats are vaccinated/ neutered etc – but over 100€ to adopt?! You must be joking! The most recent update is that Martine’s cat (who, quite frankly, sounds a bit of a slut!!!) has been inviting friends into the garage. (That’s really what she said!) So we keep fingers crossed that she may be pregnant.

I must remember that no cat can ever be like Pumpkin was. We think she must have had at least a little Maine Coon in her. One description of behaviour ( Common behavior is they will follow you around, they will sit at your feet, will come to greet you (whenever you’ve been out), they will fetch and retrieve if trained, they will also carry favorite objects such as a toy stick in the mouth and drop it at your feet. Like a dog, it is usual for the Maine Coon to stretch up on its back legs resting its front paws above the waist to demand a stroke from the owners.) is so like Pumpkin to be as though the author had seen her. Pictures also bear this out. The black-and-white cats in this picture look like I imagine an older Pumpkin would have looked. I cannot – and must not- expect the New Kitty to be like Pumpkin was. New Kitty may not even like me!!!

Meanwhile I have taken to feeding the “Poor Cats” at the Post Office. These are the stray cats who, in this freezing weather, must be struggling to find something to eat. I cook up pasta and mix it with cheap cat food (and Pomme’s rejected food) and some cream cheese. I take it at the same time each evening, calling “Minou! Minou!” (French for “Puss!”) They are starting to wait for me. Most of them are too scared to come near, but one is starting to sniff my fingers, but races away if I move suddenly. There’s one big ginger fellow who is too fat and glossy and friendly to be a true Poor Cat. I think he’s a greedy house cat. If I remember I’ll take a photo or two of them to post.